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Greedy Wife Humiliates Her Poor Husband and Immediately Regrets It – Subscriber Story

Bettina Dizon
Jun 17, 2021
03:00 P.M.
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The wife threatens her husband to leave him because he cannot give her expensive gifts. After a while, she will get what she really deserves.


When Louisa and Josh got married, they promised to love each other forever, no matter what the circumstances, and help each other become better people, individually and together.

Josh was not a rich man, but he worked hard to give his wife a comfortable life. He would shower her with love beyond what material wealth and served her by cooking every evening, doing errands, and more.

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At the beginning of their marriage, Louisa was in love and appreciated her husband, but as time passed, she wanted more. During a girl's night out, Maya, one of Louisa's friends, talked about the new convertible her husband gave her.

She claimed that her husband often spoiled her with luxurious items that made her even more in love. Meanwhile, Louisa felt tired of her husband's gestures. "Josh can't even buy me nice things. It's like he's stuck in his career or something," she said.

"But he spoils you in lots of other ways. Doesn't he work two jobs already?" Grace, Louisa's other friend, said. "Well then, maybe he should get a third job! I feel like I deserve much more than just a good dinner," replied Louisa.


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At that moment, Maya suggested that her friend may need to find a new husband, one that would work hard to spoil her with luxury goods. "You already have someone good to you," Grace interrupted.


"I don't think you should let Josh go. It's hard to find a man who is dedicated beyond material things," she added. Louisa was confused with how she truly felt. On one end, she ultimately agreed with Maya as she also wanted to be spoiled with her wants in life.

Nevertheless, Grace did make a point in mentioning how Josh can contribute to their life daily. When she arrived home that evening, Louisa's husband greeted her with three roses.

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Louisa looked at the flowers and asked her husband, "That's it? So you can't even buy an entire bouquet?" Josh looked surprised and told his wife that it was all he could afford at the moment. Upset, Louisa stormed to their room and left her husband.

When Josh followed her to apologize, Louisa told him that he wanted a divorce. "You are good for nothing if you can't even make me happy. Do you think I'm not worth beautiful things like jewelry or a convertible? I want a man who can spoil me!" she said.

The following day, Louisa left their apartment and moved into her parents' house. She tried dating other men, but no one was as much of a gentleman as Josh. After four months, Louisa realized that she was too hard on her husband and made a big mistake.


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She went back to their apartment, only to find it empty. After asking the landlord where her husband went, Louisa found out that he moved into a bigger home in a nearby neighborhood.


She immediately went to Josh's house, but she saw her friend Grace cuddling up next to Josh upon entering. "What's this? Josh, how could you?" she said. Josh stood up and replied:

"How could I? You left me, remember? I was saving up for years to build this house for us, but thank you for making me realize I was with the wrong person."

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Louisa begged her husband for another chance, but he refused. "Grace helped me through the painful breakup and, in the process, we fell in love. She appreciates me beyond material wealth," Josh said.

That day, Louisa went home thinking about the biggest regret of her life. Sadly, there was nothing she could do to get her ex-husband back anymore.

What can we learn from this story?

Love goes beyond material things.

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