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Woman Humiliates Waitress the Entire Evening, Weeks Later Karma Gets Her – Subscriber Story

Manuela Cardiga
Jun 19, 2021
01:30 A.M.
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A woman at a restaurant takes out her aggression on the young waitress and it ends up costing her a big opportunity.


Jenny Lassiter was looking forward to her dinner with Jack Kendrick. She'd had an eye on Jack for quite a while now, and finally, he'd asked her out to dinner. Jenny was looking her best as she walked into the fashionable restaurant, and heads turned.

"I made a reservation for two," she told the hostess, "In the name of Jennifer Lassiter?" The woman looked her up in the reservations book and smiled.

"Miss Lassiter! How lovely to see you again! Please follow me..." The woman led Jenny to one of the best tables. "Would you like something drink while you wait for your date?" she asked.

Jenny was about to reply when her phone chirped indicating an incoming message. "Please," she told the hostess, "Some Champagne?" But second's later she was no longer in a mood for celebrating anything at all.


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Jenny couldn't believe her eyes. It was a message from Jack! "Hi Jen sorry for the short notice but I didn't know how to break it to you. I'm back with my girlfriend but let's stay friends, OK?"


Jenny was stunned. Back with his girlfriend? And now he told her! Here Jenny was, dumped in the most public way possible. Every single person in the restaurant had seen her walk in, dressed for seduction, ordering Champagne.

If she got up and left, it would look even worse. She'd have to brazen out her humiliation. Jenny raised her hand and a young waitress hurried over. "I've decided to dine alone," Jenny said coldly, "So clear that away."

The waitress quickly and efficiently took up the flatware and the delicate porcelain place setter. "Shall I bring you the menu, Ma'am?" she asked respectfully.

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Jenny stared at her coldly. "I ordered Champagne, didn't I? So bring it to me!"

Before long the Champagne was bubbling in Jenny's flute like liquid gold. She took a sip. and raise her hand. "You! Girl!" she cried, "Look at this!"

The waitress hurried over blushing furiously. "Ma'am?" she asked, "Is something wrong?"

"This Champagne is too cold! It kills the taste! Take it back, and bring me the menu!" Jenny snapped.

The girl took up the ice bucket with the Champagne in it and hurried away. She returned with the menu and carefully explained every dish on the menu to Jenny, along with the chef's recommendations.


Jenny took pleasure in humiliating a person who couldn't fight back.

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Jenny waved it away. "I know what I want. Bring me the pate de foie gras with the truffles, and the lobster carpaccio with the radicchio and pine nut salad."


"But Ma'am, those dishes are not on tonight's menu..." the waitress stammered.

"Do you know who I am? I'm the most influential talent agent in this town. I bring Oscar winners here every week, so you tell Chef Olav I want those dishes, and I want them now!"

The girl, more and more flustered by the minute rushed off into the kitchen. Jenny now regretted having sent back the Champagne. There was nothing do with her hands except fiddle with her phone and read that message over and or again.

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She was sure everyone in the restaurant was looking at her, speculating about who had stood her up. A lover, or one of the A-list stars she represented. Jenny flushed, humiliated.

She gestured the waitress over yet again. "Bring me something to drink!" she demanded.

"Yes, Ma'am...What would you like?"

"Water, Svalbarði if you have it." Jenny said.

"Yes, Ma'am, right away." the waitress was back within minutes and served Jenny with the water she had requested. She sipped the water and fiddled with the glass. Where was her food?


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"GIRL!" she literally screamed and watched with sour satisfaction as the young waitress ran to her. "The food! Where is it? Are you killing the goose? Catching the lobster?"


"Miss, I'm so sorry! The Chef is preparing your special request..." she stammered.

"You go in there, and you get them moving, you hear? Or I'll have you fired!" Jenny raged.

The young waitress walked away trembling, and the man sitting at the table next to Jenny's leaned over. "Excuse me, I couldn't help but hear... The girl is doing her best, you know."

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Jenny turned her head and stared at the man haughtily. "Why don't you mind your own business?" The man turned away shaking her head. The rest of the evening was a disaster.

Nothing pleased Jenny, and by the time she left, the waitress was in tears. At least, Jenny thought with bitter satisfaction, I won't be the only one crying myself to sleep.

Jenny decided to set her disappointment with Jack aside and concentrate on her career. She was invited to an interview with Los Angele's top talent agency, a position that would be a feather in her cap.

Jenny flew to California for the interview. She knew she was going to nail it, after all, she was the best! But when she walked into the interview she was in for a surprise. The man waiting to meet her was the man from the restaurant.


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He stared at her, equally surprised. "You!" he gasped. "Well...I'm sorry...but..."

Jenny flashed him her best smile. "Is there a problem?"


"Yes...My headhunter told me you were the best, and I can see by your resumé that he'd right...But the truth is, Ms. Lassiter, is that I don't like your attitude, and I don't like how you treat people."

Jenny walked out of the room devastated. She had taken out her anger, her hurt, and her frustration on an innocent person and it had ended up costing her her dream job.

What can we learn from this story?

1. Treat everyone with respect. Jenny took pleasure in humiliating a person who couldn't fight back, and it ended up damaging her professional reputation.


2. Don't take out your pain on others. We all go through difficult moments, but we shouldn't take it out on others, especially the more vulnerable.

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