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Daily Parable: Rich Boss Picks Penny up and Explains Its True Value

Joe Akins
Jun 21, 2021
04:50 P.M.
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An employer hosted an employee and his wife for the weekend. On their journey to a lovely restaurant for dinner, the boss found a coin and picked it up. Later, he gave a vivid explanation for his actions.


Many years ago, Arlene and her husband were invited to the home of the husband's boss for the weekend. Arlene was super anxious because the employer was extremely rich.

The boss was the owner of a beautiful home on the waterway with cars more expensive than Arlene's house. The first day was a delight for the married woman who was excited about having a taste of the rich lifestyle.

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Her husband's boss, who was a generous host, took the couple to the best restaurants. Knowing the opportunity was once in a lifetime, Arlene enjoyed herself to the fullest.

The trio was on their way to another exclusive eatery with the employer walking ahead of the husband and wife when the boss made a sudden stop. He gazed at the pavement for a long and quiet moment.

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A darkened penny which was dropped by someone alongside a few cigarette butts laid on the pavement. To the amazement of the couple, the employer reached for the penny, picked it up, and put it into his pocket like he had a great treasure in his possession.

The trio then entered the restaurant and enjoyed a lovely dinner. Despite eating a delicious meal, the wife was not at ease with what she had seen. She finally summoned up courage and revealed that her daughter once had a coin collection.

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Next, she asked the boss if the penny he picked was of value to him. Smiling at the woman, the employer brought out the penny and asked that she look at it and read the inscription written. The words written were "United States of America."

Not satisfied, the boss asked the woman to read further, and she read, "One Cent." Again, the man asked the wife to keep reading, and she said, "In God We Trust." That was the employer's point of interest.

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The man explained that the inscription was written on every United States coin, but people always failed to notice it. He added that if God dropped a message in front of him telling him to trust God, he was not going to pass it by.

Explaining to the couple, the boss noted that whenever he saw a coin, he would stop and pray to see if his faith was in God, then he would pick it up as a response to his trust in God. To him, it was God's way of starting a conversation.

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The boss recalled an experience while shopping the previous day. He said he found a penny on the sidewalk and picked it up. After reading the message, "In God We Trust," the man noticed he had been worried about things he could not change.

In his final words, the employer told the couple he had been finding an inordinate number of pennies in the previous months. He said pennies were plentiful, and God was patient.