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Man Leaves His Wife with 4 Children, Karma Punishes Him Hard – Subscriber Story

Bettina Dizon
Jun 22, 2021
10:00 P.M.
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A husband left his wife because she was no longer attractive after she bore him four children. Then he left her, but karma punished him immediately.


Daniella thought that her college sweetheart, Renzo, was the perfect man. They spent countless days together and knew that starting a family of their own was a dream come true.

So, after graduation, they decided to get married. After a year, Renzo entered the corporate world and told his wife to stop working and focus on their soon-to-be child instead. The couple was over the moon when their firstborn, Sebastian, entered the picture.

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They knew that Sebastian needed siblings, so they had three more kids in six years. Renzo started a business on the side with a bigger family to feed, which he planned to grow. Since he was busy, Daniella took over and worked tirelessly.

After three years, Daniella felt immense pain in her chest area and felt lumps on her breasts. She immediately sought medical attention, and after a series of tests, she discovered a mass in her right breast.

Daniella was admitted to the hospital to take out the mass, and Renzo stood by her during this time. However, when she woke up the following day after her surgery, Renzo was gone.


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Thinking that he went home to take care of their kids, Daniella remained calm yet sad that he did not say goodbye. Three days passed, still, Renzo never visited nor called his wife. “He’s with the kids. He probably has no time to drop by,” Daniella thought.


That evening, Daniella’s mother-in-law, Laura, unexpectedly called her and said, “I’m with your kids. I haven’t seen Renzo for four days already.” Daniella hurried home without full recovery to take care of her children.

Upon arrival, she noticed that her husband’s belongings were gone, and his phone could not be reached. The worried wife tried calling Renzo’s work, only to find that he had resigned a week ago.

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Daniella went to the bathroom and cried so that her kids wouldn’t see. She then looked in the mirror and realized how much she let herself go the past few years. Then, suddenly, she saw why her husband left her.

She was no longer the fit and beautiful woman she was in college. Instead, she did all the chores and took care of all her children until she forgot to take care of herself.

After a night full of tears, Daniella woke up knowing that she had to be strong for her children. So, she went to the grocery to replenish their cupboards and refrigerator, but to her surprise, her card was declined.

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Daniella checked her joint account only to find out that her husband had emptied the balance. The woman went home in tears and did not know what to do until suddenly, the doorbell rang. Her mother-in-law stood by the door and said:

“My son made this mess, and I will fix it. I will take care of the kids while you find work.”

The following eight months were tough as Daniella worked three different jobs. Fortunately, she was offered a promotion in one of the jobs and a hefty salary increase. Then, in a sudden turn of events, Renzo came home and apologized for leaving their family.

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Although hesitant to take him back, Daniella thought her mother-in-law would get angry if she closed the door on Renzo. So, she forgave him. But, two days later, Renzo left his phone on the kitchen counter while out to do errands.

Daniella browsed through it and found out that Renzo had another woman. He eloped with her and only returned because their funds ran out. Daniella also discovered that Renzo plans to sell their home and leave with all the money again.

This time, Daniella called her mother-in-law in tears. Laura said, “You shouldn’t have taken him back, dear. A man will come crawling back to you when he has nothing again. I suggest you leave while you can. Don’t worry; I’m on your side.”


What can we learn from Daniella’s story?

Sometimes, life takes an unfortunate turn, but we must be strong enough to conquer it.

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and make brave decisions.

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