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Father and Daughter Reunited after 40 Years Apart on Father's Day Eve

Olowokandi Fiyin
Jun 21, 2021
03:30 P.M.
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Heart-warming reunion as father and daughter reconnected after 40 years of being apart. The duo who settled their differences on the eve of father's day shared the story behind their reconciliation.


A father and daughter who were separated for a long time reconnected on the eve of father's day. After 40 years of dissociation, a Story City businesswoman, Cande Coulter, found a way to reunite with her father, Dan Bowers.

Coulter shared the story behind their separation during an interview. She noted that her father's attitude after he came home from a Vietnam war instigated the family's disconnection. Coulter’s parents were a young couple when her dad went to war.

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Coulter's father returned home after the war, but the issue was, he wasn't the same person when he returned. Due to his changed attitude, her parents' marriage suffered, and they later divorced.

The businesswoman decided to find her dad after she went through a box her late mother left for her. The box contained series of photos, newspaper reports of her father, and an address of his location.


The woman who had lost connection with Bowers since she was 4-year-old could change her and Bowers' story after she sent him a mail. Few days after the mail, she got a call from her dad, which was how the whole reunion began.

Tessa Ferguson was able to reunite with her little sister after years of separation.


Coulter, who grew up with her mother and stepfather, stated that Bowers' mental health and other issues made him hand over his parental rights. She was later adopted by her stepdad in 1974.

The father and daughter finally lost all ties after she graduated and got married. Coulter discovered the box which had her dad's information after her mother's death.


She noted that she was angry at her mom for not discussing the box with her. The reunion inspired Coulter’s Country Music and Comfort Food event in Story City, where Bowers was one of the starring musicians.

Another mother and son reunited at the US-Mexico border after being separated for over 3 years under President Trump's administration. The tearful reconnection happened just in time for Mother's Day.


The pair happened to be the first family to reunite under the Biden administration. The Family Reunification Task Force has been working with organizations to help identify separated families under the former government.

Thanks to technology and the invention of social media, Tessa Ferguson was able to reunite with her little sister after years of separation. Ferguson, who has lived with the painful memory of her sister's departure, decided to find her in 2013.


The sisters separated after a tragic event that claimed their parents' lives. Their parents died during a fire accident that took place at their home in Kentucky. Fortunately, Ferguson and her siblings survived.

Ferguson, 45, a mother of three, shared a post on Facebook that indicated she searched for her sister. She pleaded with viewers to help repost the update. After information and dedication, Ferguson found her sister.


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