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Daily Joke: Husband Says He Will Go Crazy If His Wife Dies

Lois Oladejo
Jun 22, 2021
02:30 A.M.
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A wife had a serious question for her spouse, and the answer to it could border on sensitive, but the man had a nice way to reply.


A man and his wife were enjoying a beautiful morning as they went about their daily activities. However, the wife had a vital question for her husband.

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She called him aside and asked him, "If I die tomorrow, how will you be affected by my death?" The man thought to himself for a while, trying to decipher what the question was about.

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He immediately figured out the intent and chose his words carefully. Knowing it was an answer she desired, the man shared that he would go crazy if he lost her.

The woman was pleased about this as she sweetly smiled while asking further if his answer meant he would miss her so much and he would marry another woman after her. The man replied:

"I don't know, babe, a CRAZY man, could do anything."

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Here's a second joke about a well-dressed respectable woman who walked into a pharmacy. The woman gently made her way through the entrance and requested to see the pharmacist on duty.

She looked at him straight in the eyes and without missing a bit. The woman made it known that she would love to purchase cyanide. The pharmacist was shocked beyond words.

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He stood transfixed for a while, with his eyeballs bulging in surprise. When he finally found his voice, the pharmacist asked the woman what she needed it for.

She replied, noting that she wanted to poison her husband. At this point, the heath expert threw a fit, letting her know that he could not possibly sell her some cyanide.

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He listed a couple of effects that could result from the purchase, which included him losing his license while they both ended up in jail. He also noted that things could even get worse. The woman did not utter another word as she looked through her purse and brought out a picture.

She gave it to the pharmacist, and the images were that of her husband and the pharmacist's wife, cheating. The pharmacist then said: "Well, now. That's different. You didn't tell me you had a prescription."

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