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Jackée Harry's Life after 'Sister, Sister' — Raising an Adopted Son, 'Emotionally Draining' Divorces, and Becoming a Grandmother

Olawale Ogunjimi
Jun 21, 2021
05:15 P.M.
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Jackée Harry's life behind the camera was as intriguing as her onscreen roles. The "Sister, Sister" star had a great personality but did not live a life without its fair share of struggles.


Jackée Harry was a famous face on the classic Black family drama series "Sister, Sister" that featured real-life twins Tia and Tamera Mowry acting as twin sisters.

Harry's role in the drama was that of a loving matriarch. She starred as the twins' mom from 1995 to 1999 when the show ended.

Comedy actress Jackée Harry attends the 2016 live show and holiday party of "Vivica's Black Magic" premiere in Los Angeles. | Photo: Getty Images


Lovers of the actress and comedian know that it has been decades since she featured on the show and has since starred in other productions.

However, as far as her personal life is concerned, there are a few things Harry's fans are not aware of. Here are some exciting details you need to know about her!



Jackée Harry will forever earn praises from fans of the iconic drama series, thanks to her work ethic. Throughout her years on the show, she brought life to her character.

Initially, Harry was terrified about the role; she thought it would be hard to please audiences and her career would be headed for the rocks.


Thankfully, lovers of "Sister, Sister" were more than pleased to watch the twins' mom on TV, and it contributed to increasing her number of fans.

Several times, the onscreen star has declared her undying love for her career and how she puts it first. From acting in series to producing holiday-themed films, the entertainer has successfully built a legacy that will be hard to erase and continues to work hard to pad her resume.


In 2019, the film "A Family Reunion Christmas" premiered featuring Harry and Tia Mowry. It showed the former co-stars acting side by side in the cutting-edge production.

She told [Oprah] Winfrey having a baby to hold, love, and cherish was her priority, even if it happened through a donor.

Last year, the comedian talked about a possible reboot of "Sister, Sister" and declared that she loves working with the Mowry sisters.



Jackée Harry ventured into married life for the second time when she walked down the aisle with her brother during her lavish wedding to Beverly Hills hairstylist, Elgin Charles Williams.

The pair lasted for seven years and adopted a son named Frank. They still have a wonderful relationship as co-parents and friends, regardless of Williams' confession of being bisexual.


As far as marriage goes, it is not a new word in the actress's vocabulary. The celebrity is rumored to have been married three times. Her first wedding was to Jerry Jemmott and it lasted for four years.

Her third partner has never been identified, but some of the flings she has had in the past have. Harry once talked about dating a man she did not know was romantically involved with another lady, the late Eartha Kitt, during her younger years.


This earned her public disgrace, as she claimed that Kitt, who confirmed suspicions of her partner's infidelity, slapped her. Despite having failed marriages and relationships, and "emotionally draining" divorces, Harry never gave up on love.

A few months ago, she talked about being in a relationship with a partner who has been her close buddy for a long time but decided not to mention his name.


As far as she is concerned, she may walk down the aisle with this mysterious man soon but would never live in the same home as her lover because she loves her solitude.

Speaking about relationships, the actress advises women to go for men who will help them feel secure financially, emotionally, and spiritually.



Harry has always blurted her desire to be a mother. When she first appeared on Oprah Winfrey's show, she made a confession that signified something was missing in her life despite a thriving career.

She told Winfrey having a baby to hold, love, and cherish was her priority, even if it happened through a donor. A few years after that interview, Harry became a mother to Frank. She adopted him when he was an 8-month-old toddler.


More than a decade after, the "Sister, Sister" star got candid about how she took the responsibility of a parent. The actress revealed that despite being a mother, she prioritized her career.

This was never a big issue in how she handled motherhood, and Frank and his mother have a very close relationship. During the same interview, he hugged her tightly and mentioned that he loves her dearly.

While Harry has only one son, she is lucky to be a grandmother to two beautiful grandkids who she gushes about and spends time with regularly.