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Meghan McCain, Cher & More Celebs Show Support to Britney Spears after Conservatorship Hearing

Laura Beatham
Jun 24, 2021
06:10 A.M.
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Britney Spears has been under conservatorship since 2008, after going through a few mental health crises. However, she recently spoke out against it.


Following Britney Spears' conservatorship hearing on June 23, 2021, fans and celebrities such as Meghan McCain, Cher, and Justin Timberlake, have shown their support on social media.

At the hearing, Spears asked the judge to end her conservatorship that has allowed others, including her father, Jamie Spears, to control her personal life and finances.

Britney Spears attending the Sony Pictures' "Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood" premiere, 2019, Hollywood, California. | Photo: Getty Images


Spears called in remotely by phone and gave her opinion on the conservatorship for the first time since it was established in the 2000s. She described it as abusive and stated that it was doing more harm to her.

Her phone testimony was made available to the public and celebrities shared their reactions on Twitter, showing their support for the singer. Mariah Carey posted her support and wrote:

"We love you Britney!!! Stay strong."


Another celebrity to speak up for Spears was "The View" co-host Meghan McCain. The outspoken TV host took to Twitter and questioned whether Spears' situation was a human rights crime.

Fans of the pop star started a movement called #FreeBritney in 2009.

McCain reasoned that if anyone else went through what she had gone through, being isolated, her capacity to reproduce being controlled, or forcing her to work in terrible conditions, the people in control would be in jail.


Spears' ex-boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, stated that regardless of the former couple's past, everyone should be supporting the "Toxic" singer because what has happened to her is not right.

Spears revealed that people in charge had forced her to use birth control, an IUD, although she did not want it. In reference to her claim, Timberlake wrote:

"No woman should ever be restricted from making decisions about her own body."


Cher also took to Twitter and shared that she had tried to stop the injustice with many over-the-top and angry tweets. However, nothing changed. The actress stated that she would call and try to help.

Singer Halsey expressed admiration for Spears' courage to speak up for herself and hoped she would be given freedom from the abusive system she has lived in over the last 13 years.


These celebrities are not the only people to show their support for Spears. Fans of the pop star started a movement called #FreeBritney in 2009 after her conservatorship was first put into place.

The circumstances of her conservatorship have changed over the years. However, the authorities of the arrangement state that it was to prevent Spears from making detrimental financial and career decisions.