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Woman Orders Necklace for Boyfriend with the Names of Women He Cheated on Her With

Laura Beatham
Jun 28, 2021
02:00 A.M.
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A woman came up with a brilliant plan to get revenge on her boyfriend who cheated on her with multiple women. A TikTok user shared the story on the platform.


Jewelry maker Liv Portilo, 20, from the United States, shared a video of herself fulfilling an order that included a custom engraved necklace that a woman had ordered to seek revenge on her cheating boyfriend.

The necklace was for their anniversary. The woman had the names of the women her boyfriend was cheating on her with engraved on the gold necklace as well as the date on their anniversary, June 21, 2015.

Rings and necklaces. | Photo: Pixabay/Gao Vang


The video, posted by the page @ceo.liv, went viral on the video-sharing platform and gained over two million likes and over ten thousand comments. Many users gave their opinions on the revenge plan.

In the video, Portilo shared the process of making the necklace, which used digital software to engrave the three names, Ashley, Karen, and Genesis, on the piece. The video was a reply to a user who commented:

"My BF cheated and I'm sending him a necklace with ALL the girls names on them."

The request from the woman. | Photo: TikTok/@Ceo.liv


The jewelry maker also shared a glimpse of the customer request form explaining the gift for their anniversary. Later in the video, Portilo shared that she planned to give it to her boyfriend in front of his family.

Aside from the revenge piece, the woman bought other jewelry, including gorgeous butterfly necklaces and a crystal bracelet that was supposed to removed negativity from the wearer's life.

A similar story was posted by another user, Eli, who worked at Pandora.

The butterfly necklaces the woman bought for herself. | Photo: TikTok/@Ceo.Liv


Portilo later revealed that despite some viewers believing the woman's revenge plan was a waste of time and money, she had actually used her boyfriend's credit card and planned to break up with him.

Many users commented on the revenge plan, with many thinking that it was hilarious and genius. Others hoped to see the boyfriend's reaction in a follow-up video as one viewer wrote:

"I ABSOLUTELY need the video of that gifting."

The revenge necklace. | Photo: TikTok/@Ceo.liv


Neither Portilo nor the woman who ordered the necklaces has posted a reaction video. However, Portilo wrote in her video that viewers should like the video for part two, so perhaps one is coming.

TikTok is a video-sharing platform that allows anyone to post a video. This means that users can connect with many different people and hear different stories, such as the one above.


similar story

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