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Search for 5-Year-Old from Tennessee Continues after She Went Missing Over a Week Ago

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jun 25, 2021
03:40 A.M.
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The search for a missing 5-year-old Tennessee girl continues a week after she went missing from her home in Hawkins County. Authorities are requesting public assistance.


Five-year-old Summer Wells was last seen in her Hawkins County home on June 15 and vanished with little information known about her whereabouts.

A tweet shared by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation revealed that the search of Wells has entered into its second week, and law enforcement agencies are working with the leads they have gotten so far but need the cooperation of the public.

A police car | Photo: Shutterstock


Summer was said to have been planting flowers with her mother and grandmother before her sad disappearance in their Tennessee home. An amber alert was issued the next morning after her disappearance.

While in her family's company, Summer said she wanted to go upstairs and play with her toys, but by the time her father would check on her, she had gone through the basement door unlocked.


Police authorities are concerned about Summer's disappearance as her family has said that it is unlike their daughter to creep away from the house in that manner.

Since her disappearance, there has been a combined effort between local authorities and other security agencies from other states, and more than 200 leads have been received so far.

Summer's father, Donald Wells, believes his daughter must have been abducted.


Police authorities are concerned about finding the 5-year-old or getting hold of any information that would serve as evidence and help the team with their investigation.

This would not be the first time someone from Summer's family has mystically disappeared. In 2009, her maternal aunt, Rose Marie Bly, went missing, and not a word has been heard from her since then.


The then 21-year-old Bly was seen leaving her home but failed to return. A few days later, the car was discovered 30 miles from her home in a parking lot mostly used by truck drivers.

Summer's father, Donald Wells, believes his daughter must have been abducted, but authorities are yet to rush to that conclusion until there is sufficient evidence to back up that claim.


Late last year, Candus Bly, Summer's mom, reportedly filed a restraining order against Donald, claiming she and her children felt threatened by him. However, the family is said to have sorted out their difference since then, and Candus recently passed her lie detector test.

5-year-old Summer is described as standing 3 feet tall and weighing 40 lbs. She has blonde hair and blue eyes and wore gray pants and a pink shirt the last time she was seen.


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