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Daily Joke: A Man Complains about Terrible Headaches That Bother Him

Rebelander Basilan
Jul 03, 2021
03:30 P.M.
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On one occasion, a man decided to consult a physician concerning the severe headaches he has suffered throughout his adult life, which bothers him terribly.


As the doctor did not know exactly how things were going, he prescribed a brain scan. It was a little too scary for the man, but given his desire to get better, he went ahead with the scan.

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The man went back to the hospital two days later and was informed by the doctor that the results were normal. The doctor was unable to determine what was causing the man's terrible headaches.

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Following that, the doctor referred the man to a neurologist. However, when the man saw the neurologist, the latter also did not know what the problem was. The man became even more hopeless.

The neurologist later gave the man some advice. According to him, he previously encountered a man suffering from the same condition; the only thing that helped him was surgical removal of the testicles.

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It was a frustrating situation for the man. On his return home, he shared what the neurologist had said with his wife. "Well, your headaches are bothering you. Why shouldn't we consider it?" she asked.

The man realized that his wife was right. Thus, a few weeks later, the man underwent the removal of both testicles. He woke up in the recovery room and changed into his clothes so he could go home.

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The headaches had miraculously disappeared. After leaving the hospital, the man jumped into his car. While driving home, he rejoiced at the beginning of a new, headache-free chapter of his life.

As the man became ecstatic and relieved, he decided to buy a new suit. He thought to himself, "If I feel the part, I might as well look the part too." After going to the tailor, he had his measurements taken.

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"Inside leg 31 inches, waist 34 inches," the tailor informed. "No," the man intervened and insisted he's a 30 inch inside leg and has been for a long time. The tailor looked at him puzzled, and then she responded:

"Sir, we can cut it to that size but you might find it pinches your balls and gives you headaches."

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