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Labrador's Heroic Act Saves Its Owner from a Rattlesnake Attack

Laura Beatham
Jun 26, 2021
04:40 P.M.
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A heroic labrador from San Diego is on the road to recovery after he saved his 18-year-old owner from a potentially lethal rattlesnake bite.


Marley, a labrador, is being called a hero after saving his owner, Alex Loredo, from a rattlesnake in his backyard in Harbison Canyon. Unfortunately, the dog got bitten twice in the process.

Loredo and his best friend of seven years were relaxing at home when the buzzer for the dryer went off. He went to fetch the clothing and had to go outside as the dryer is located at the back of the house.

A rattlesnake displaying its rattle. | Photo/Pixabay/Ana Meister


While the 18-year-old was walking outside, he heard a loud rattle. About a foot away, a foot-and-a-half-long rattlesnake was underneath a table, ready to attack the teenager.

However, Marley, who had followed the young man outside, quickly intervened and put himself in between his beloved owner and the venomous snake. Loredo explained the situation:

"Before I could even turn, Marley had run between us. Marley basically pushed me out of the way. He barks a few times at the snake."

Marley lying down with a plastic collar on at the vet. | Photo: NBC San Diego


The snake went for Marley and bit him on the tongue and neck. In a panic, Loredo quickly rushed his best friend to the closest vet, but unfortunately, they did not have any anti-venom.

Loredo shared that he was so worried about his best friend and that he might lose his beloved animal. Marley was crying in the car as the venom took its effect, making his tongue numb and causing him to bleed from the mouth.

Loredo plans to take his best friend to the beach and feed him his favorite food, burgers.

Alex Loredo sharing his story with NBC. | Photo: NBC San Diego


The teenager then drove 25 miles to the animal hospital. The poor wounded Marley received two doses of the anti-venom and had to stay at the hospital overnight for two nights.

Fortunately for the family, Marley recovered from the ordeal, and although he might have some nerve damage, the dog returned to his usually playful and loving self. Loredo said of his recovery:

"Marley is doing so much better, he still has his bite marks but the vet said the tongue is regenerative and in just a matter of time it will be completely healed."

Marley pictured at the family home, recovering from the snake bites. | Photo: NBC San Diego


Loredo set up a GoFundMe to cover the costs of the estimated $9000 of vet bills. He explained that he only has a part-time job because he was a student and could not afford the expensive veterinary bills.

Luckily, Loredo and Marley's story touched the hearts of many as the donations flew in from all over the United States. The fundraiser is currently sitting on over $13000.


Two weeks on, Marley is back to his energic self, and now Loredo can add being a hero to the long list of qualities he loves about his best friend. The teenager also has big plans for when Marley is fully recovered.

Loredo plans to take his best friend to the beach and feed him his favorite food, burgers. Of course, Marley deserves it as it is impossible to know what would have happened to Loredo if Marley was not around to save him.