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Uber Eats Courier Allegedly Stole a Customer's Cat by Putting It in a Paper Bag

Jené Liebenberg
Jun 25, 2021
03:30 P.M.
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An UberEats delivery man was captured on CCTV footage stealing a customer's beloved cat, leaving the owner distraught and desperate to get his pet back.


Hog, a beloved cat, has been part of Patrick Lewis's life for the last 18 years. That was until an UberEats driver kidnapped the pet by picking him up and loading him into her car.

Lewis noticed that Hog was missing in action, and after talking to a few neighbors, he came across camera footage that showed an UberEats driver deliver food to a neighbor before picking up the cat and putting it in her car.

A man with a cat in the road. | Photo: Pexels



Lewis was left distraught as the search for the UberEats driver and Hog continued. The cat's owner contacted Uber, who gave their full cooperation in the search, but the cat remained at large. Referring to the footage, Lewis said:

“I’ve actually only watched it one time. I can’t. For me, it’s heartbreaking to see. That’s my little girl being kidnapped pretty much."

Lewis's neighbors helped him to put the pieces together. One said she saw a woman pick up Hog, another said she had the CCTV footage, and another had the UberEats receipt with the driver's name on it.



Upon reaching out to Uber, Lewis clarified that he was not angry at the woman but that he only wanted his cat back. The driver took Hog's collar off before she put her in the back of her vehicle, adding to the kidnapping mystery.

The man took a rare lemur from the San Francisco Zoo.

Lewis is not the only one who missed the beloved four-legged furry friend. His children have repeatedly asked when Hog is coming back because they miss their feline companion.



In the wake of Hog's kidnapping, UberEats has pledged to help the Lewis family track down the driver and the cat. They released a statement that read:

"We are working to get the cat returned, stand ready to help in the police investigation, and will take the appropriate action against the delivery person."



After struggling to get in contact, Lewis finally spoke with the UberEats driver, who said she thought Hog was a stray and gave her to a family at an animal shelter.

This made locating the cat all the more difficult, but a few days later, a lady saw the cat in the bushes in her backyard. She recognized Hog from a post she saw on Nextdoor and contacted Lewis to have her returned.

A California resident is facing serious consequences after also stealing an animal that didn't belong to him. The man took a rare lemur from the San Francisco Zoo.

Cory John McGilloway is now facing charges for violating the Endangered Species Act and could spend up to a year in prison and cough up a hefty fine of $50 000.


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