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Girl Burst into Tears after She Was Asked to Leave the Gym Because of Her Workout Clothes

Gaone Pule
Jun 25, 2021
04:10 P.M.
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A young woman was left embarrassed after being body-shamed and told to leave the gym for wearing an outfit that revealed her stomach. She recorded a video about the incident while in her car.


A TikTok user, @Shelby Bellz, burst into tears after she was asked to leave the gym because of her workout clothes. She talked about the ordeal on her TikTok account:

“So, I just went to the gym, and the lady at the front desk said they have a policy, you're not allowed to wear sports bras to the gym, that 'you can't be showing your belly.'"

Pictured - A photo of Shelby Bellz explaining her interaction with gym staff | Source: TikTok/@shelby.bellz


Bellz said she told her that it was fine for only that time, but in reference for next time. The social media user then lowered the camera showing her all-black attire as she wore leggings and a matching sports bra revealing an inch of her skin in between.

Bellz said within 15 minutes in while she was on the treadmill, she was approached by a program coordinator for the gym who asked her to leave.


“I’m so embarrassed,” she said as she began to cry and covered her face. She later shared what she found problematic about her interaction with the people at the gym, adding she understands there is a dress code and accepts the rules.

Bellz said the first issue was how the lady at the front desk spoke to her when she probed about the sports bra. “Oh, we’re not allowed to wear a sports bra?” Bellz asked, and the lady responded, "Well, we just can't have our bellies hanging out."

Bellz explained the lady said that in a scathing tone. The second problem was that she told her that it was okay to go into the gym with the sports bra, only for someone else to go and ask her to leave.


The follow-up video was in response to viewers who said the gym was only enforcing their dress code and argued to those who say she was overdramatic:

"You just have to remember that for some people, it takes so much courage and confidence actually to get up the gall to go to the gym."


Bellz explained it was her third visit to the gym, and to have experienced such treatment of barely been there for only a week, was very demeaning.

She also believes a smaller woman would not have been told to leave, which is why she described the encounter as fat-shaming. Other followers agreed with her that it was not okay for her to have received such treatment.


Back in August 2020, another victim of body shaming, Gabi Goddard, was left outraged after being asked to leave the gym for showing too much skin.

The Australian native claimed she was approached by a gym manager and was asked to go home and change. When she questioned the request, she was told a class of teenagers was being taught at the venue, and the teacher was concerned that the youngsters were "seeing too much skin."


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