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Woman Tries to Steal Two Scooters for Her Kids and People React Immediately

Jené Liebenberg
Jul 03, 2021
11:00 P.M.
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A woman was caught on camera as she became involved in an altercation with store owners after allegedly taking two scooters from them without paying.


Footage of a mother fighting with multiple store owners over two scooters has gone viral. The video shows the woman swearing, shouting, and physically fighting people to get their scooters back.

The woman's little son is present at the beginning of the video as he stands and watches how his mother yanks and screams over the scooter with the store owner.

Screenshot of woman involved in fight over scooter. | Source: YouTube/ Public Freakout



The fight between the woman and the other two people trying to get the scooter back escalated when they tried to pull her back into the store. She threatened them with charges because they touched her.

It seems the altercation came about when the woman did not pay the agreed amount for the scooter, and when she tried to leave with the product, the other two people intercepted her.

Reference image of scooter.| Source: Pixabay



The woman was holding drinks and food in her hand, which she ended up throwing at the other people involved in the fight and also dropped her phone in the process.

The footage did not show how the fight ended but was cut off when the woman launched at the man behind the camera, who continually said he was going to call the authorities.

Screenshot of video showcasing woman fighting. | Source: YouTube/ Public Freakout



Most of the remarks that flooded the comment section beneath the viral post were directed at the child who innocently stood by and watched his mother fight with the store owners. One user commented:

"I guarantee this is nowhere near the worst that child has witnessed. Any parent who is willing to do this in public does much worse in private."

Others expressed concern that because this was what the child is used to, it wouldn't be strange to him and that he would find that aggressive behavior normal.



This woman is not the only one facing the consequences of theft, as a man from Los Angles is facing charges connected to the theft of a rare lemur from the San Fransisco Zoo.

Cory John McGilloway is now looking at possible jail time and a fine after illegally taking the 21-year-old lemur from the zoo, which violates the Endangered Species Act.


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