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Noisy Teens Insult Man Who Asked Them to Get Away from His Windows, Karma Gets Them Instantly – Subscriber Story

Manuela Cardiga
Jul 02, 2021
03:35 A.M.
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A group of young men have a late-night street party outside a man's window, and end up being hit hard by Karma.


All that Sam Duffy wanted on that fateful night was some sleep. He'd had a tough week and crashed for what he'd hoped would be a luxurious uninterrupted 12 hours of sleep when it all began.

He woke to the sound of a blaring car radio belting out what sounded like metal being crunched rhythmically, and a demon howling in a barrel. He looked over at his bedside alarm clock. It was 12:30! Sam decided to act...

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He got up and walked to the sitting room window and looked out. Right underneath was a bright red car, all four doors open, despite the freezing temperature. So that's where the music was coming from!

Under the street lamp, three teens were standing around chatting and passing a beer around. "Hey," Sam hollered, "Please turn off that music, guys! People are trying to sleep."

The three boys looked up at Sam, and one of them sniggered. The tallest boy answered Sam in a mocking tone. "Yes, sir, right away sir!" He strutted over to the car and leaned in.

Seconds later, the level of the music increased by several decibels. "Is that alright now, sir?" the boy yelled over the sound, "Do you want it lower?"


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Sam was furious. "Listen here, you punks, I'm going to call the police!"

"Oh no! Tommy, you'd better turn that music right off, the old geezer's going to call the police!" one of the other boys cried in mock terror.


"Kyle, I'm shaking in my boots," Tommy yelled back. "How about you, Jack?"

Jack very wittily remarked that he was so scared he now needed a diaper and then all three boys howled with laughter. Sam was apoplectic. "You turn that music off or I'm coming down there and doing it myself!"

The boys thought they had the upper hand, but they didn't count on Karma settling the score.

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Kyle stopped laughing. He stepped forward with a hand dramatically placed on his chest and looked up at Sam. "Please, sir, I beg you, don't hurt us children!"

Tommy commented: "Darn, Kyle, the man looks like he could be dangerous...to a flea!" All three boys started laughing again at his witticism.

Sam felt himself flush. It was true that he wasn't in the best shape, and at forty-three he wasn't in the flush of youth, but he could handle himself in a dust-up! "You wait, I'm coming down!" he yelled.

Kyle sniggered: "Boys, he's coming down...Ohhh! I'm so scared!"


"Yeah..." laughed Jack, "Vengeance descends from above!"

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At that moment, Sam heard a strange hiss, and something white filled his vision. For a few seconds, the world outside his window disappeared. There was a muffled, giant THUD and the music stopped.


Sam stared down in astonishment. The three boys were huddled together under the street lamp and their car seemed to have vanished under a mound of white. Sam realized what had happened.

The accumulated snow on the roof had slid down, maybe as a result of the vibration of the loud music, and crashed down with the force of an avalanche on the car.

Thank God the boys were alright, Sam thought with relief, but he couldn't help shouting out: "Yes! Vengeance descends from above!"

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Meanwhile, Kyle was standing by the car with his head in his hands. "It's totaled!" he cried, "My mom's going to KILL me!" He looked so despondent that Sam almost felt sorry for him.

"Listen, Kyle," said Tommy, edging away. "It's getting kinda late, so...See you around, man!"

"Yeah!" said Jack, "Me too...Big day tomorrow, but let's connect!" Within seconds, the two boys vanished leaving Kyle to face another kind of music all alone.

Kyle reached into his pocket and froze. "Oh no....Hey guys, come back! My phone was in the car..."

"Listen, kid," Sam said. "Who do you want to call? A tow truck? 911?"


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Kyle looked up at Sam. He looked very young and very helpless. "No, sir," he said, "I want to call my mom."


"Well then, come on up and you can use my phone. Apartment 3 B, I'll buzz you in."

A few minutes later, Kyle was on the phone with his mother and explaining that yes, he'd taken the car without permission and that he realized he'd be grounded for life...

Sam was reminded of his own mother's reaction to some of his youthful indiscretions. He felt a kinship with the forlorn Kyle. He busied himself in the kitchen while Kyle got an earful from his mother.

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By the time Kyle hung up, Sam was standing next to him with a mug of steaming hot chocolate in his hand. "Here, son," he said, "That should take the edge off the chill."

Kyle accepted the hot chocolate gratefully and wrapped his cold hands around the mug. "I'm sorry we were rude to you, sir. We were out of line."

Sam put a kind hand on Kyle's shoulder. "I think you've paid a hefty price for your rudeness son. I'm just glad you're alright!"

What can we learn from this story?

1. Respect other people's rights and space. Our freedom ends where other people's begin, so our 'fun' stops being fun when it disturbs others.



What goes around comes around.

The boys thought they had the upper hand, but they didn't count on Karma settling the score.

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