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Woman in Supermarket Refuses to Wear Mask and 17-Year-Old Cashier Stands Her Ground

Dayna Remus
Jun 30, 2021
04:20 A.M.
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Working in customer service can be challenging, especially when it comes to demanding customers. But, in one instance, a 17-year-old stood her ground against one of these difficult individuals.


A woman chose not to wear a mask in a Canadian supermarket and, as a consequence, was asked by the cashier to leave. She refused to do so, but the 17-year-old was adamant, sharing a video of the incident online.

Both the young lady and the customer recorded one another. The teenage girl emphasized that she had been cordial with the shopper so far in asking her to leave the store if she wasn't going to wear a mask.



The shopper argued that she had a medical exemption from her doctor and did not have to put on a mask, claiming that she was being discriminated against due to disability. The young girl despondently expressed:

"I'm told that nobody gets a medical exemption in our store. That is what I am told and I am doing my job."

The woman adamantly kept pushing her point across. She professed that the Alberta government allows those with a medical exemption to refrain from wearing masks.

Blonde lady in supermarket holding up a phone to record a video. │Source: Reddit/PublicFreakout


The 17-year-old became increasingly frustrated. She pointed out how incredibly ludicrous it is that she, a teenage girl, has to ask an older woman to wear a mask.

Exasperated, the young lady said that the customer represented individuals who make her and other cashier's work lives extremely challenging. She expressed that she was simply trying to do her job.


The situation escalated with the teenage girl demanding that the customer cover her face right now or leave the store. She claimed that the police had been contacted.

The woman still stubbornly refused to exit the building. She asked for a copy of the store's policy, but the 17-year-old told her that she did not have one on her at that moment.


Out of the nearly 2000 individuals who commented on the clip, the majority were not in favor of the shopper, with many of them referring to her as a "Karen" and defending the young cashier. One wrote:

"Entitled narcissists and sociopaths who think the world revolves around them."

Some expressed that the pandemic has brought more of these "types" of burdensome people to light. One stated that she is likely to be a conspiracy theorist, while another accused her of lying about the medical exemption.

Sometimes patrons can be difficult, but they can also be more than pleasant. In one instance, an anonymous person tipped a New Hampshire restaurant, Stumble Inn Bar & Grill, $16,000.00.

This was for a bill standing at only $38.00. Taking to Facebook, the restaurant's owner, Mike Zarella, shared what happened while expressing gratitude towards the kind stranger.