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Someone Left Baby in a Car on a Hot Day and People Try to Break the Window

Dayna Remus
Jun 30, 2021
07:00 A.M.
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When a group of strangers heard a baby crying in despair, they all ran to help, hoping that the little one would survive.


A recent video captured a small crowd in Israel frantically surrounding a vehicle on a hot day after discovering that an infant was left inside. They tried to break one of the windows to hopefully save the child's life.

The car was enclosed by a concerned group of men, women, and children. All of them were openly disturbed by the situation as they spoke over each other in frantic tones.

Photo: reddit.com/hardisc


A young man decided to use a steel pole in an attempt to shatter one of the car's front windows. Repetitive thumping could be heard as he repeatedly struck against the glass.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tried to shatter it, the window remained perfectly intact. Anxieties ran even higher as the frazzled crowd's voices became a conglomeration of agitation.

Man hitting the front of a car window with a steel pole. │Source: Reddit/u/hardisc


Another young man also sought to rescue the infant. He made his way to one of the car's back windows and began hitting it with his hand.

Many appeared to disagree with his decision. Two of the ladies in the crowd hurriedly stepped in to stop him, and although he seemed confused, he chose to stand back.

The little one began crying from inside of the vehicle. The sound of the infant weeping immediately sent everyone into a panicked frenzy.

Individuals standing by a car. │Source: Reddit/u/hardisc


The man wielding the pole then proceeded to run towards the other front window. After a few strikes, it shattered to pieces creating a crashing noise as someone screamed in fright.

As a result, they managed to open the vehicle's back door; a sense of pure relief washed over the distressed crowd. One woman quickly ran to lift the still-sobbing infant out of the car.

Woman lifting a baby out of a car. │Source: Reddit/u/hardisc


Many of the individuals that commented on the clip argued that some of the people were getting in the way of saving the baby by encircling the car. One claimed that it was a good sign that the child was crying, writing:

"Thank God the baby was crying. If the baby had been quiet it would’ve been... a lot worse."

They had differing opinions on why the women stopped the one man from hitting the back window. The majority thought it was because he tried to shatter the glass next to where the little one was sitting.

Woman lifting a baby out of a car. │Source: Reddit/u/hardisc


Recently, another lucky baby managed to survive against the odds. The newborn Richard Scott William Hutchinson was born prematurely on June 5, 2020, and said to have no chance of pulling through.

Not so long ago, despite the harrowing prediction, this infant turned 1 year old. He was born 131 days too early and is recorded as the most premature baby to live according to "The Guinness Book of World Records."