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Bruce Springsteen, 71, Cracks Joke About His DUI Arrest at Broadway Reopening

Esther NJeri
Jun 29, 2021
12:50 P.M.
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Bruce Springsteen was not afraid to joke about his recent run-ins with the law during the reopening of Broadway. Springsteen mused about his DWI arrest on Sandy Hook Beach back in November.


The celebrated rock legend 71 made the DWI joke during the reopening of the Broadway night show at the St.James Theatre. It had been closed for the last 15 months due to the pandemic, and the show garnered a full audience.

Springstein is allegedly said to have had a swig at his tequila while on the beach before getting on his motorcycle. He was arrested and charged with reckless driving charges as well as Driving While Intoxicated (DWI).

Bruce Springsteen performs during the Celebrating America Primetime Special on January 20, 2021. | Source: Getty Images


The report says that Springsteen told the arresting officer that he had taken two tequila shots in a period of 20 minutes. He was also reported to have glassy eyes and smelled strongly of alcohol.

The report also said that the rock star could not walk straight during a field sobriety test and that there was an empty bottle of tequila at the scene. Speaking about the incident to Fox News, he recalls how he was arrested:

"I was handcuffed and thrown in jail. That took some doin'… I didn't wake up one morning, get on my motorcycle and say, "I'll go to jail!'"


However, the prosecutors dropped the more serious charges since his blood alcohol level was under the legal limit. They also had no proof he was actually driving recklessly.

Springsteen pleaded guilty to the charge of getting intoxicated in the park, which was recently banned, and paid $500 in fines and $40 in fees.

He says that once you've reached a certain age, you start to slowly lose your friends.


The Broadway show featured a full theater audience who were all fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Since reopening, the theatre has only allowed patrons that have received the vaccines.

Those attending the show were required to provide a negative COVID test as proof of vaccination. The anti-vaxxers, however, felt left out and went to the streets to riot, saying they were being discriminated against. Kiran Dhillon of CBS News tweeted:

"You have to be fully vaxed to attend the show #SpringsteenonBroadway. Protestors here say that’s not fair."


Springsteen, at 71, looks like he's still in his 50's and continues to age really well, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, and physically. In his new album "Letter To You," which is wise, serene, and youthful, he teaches successful aging.

He says to live long, you have to learn to laugh at yourself. He recalls that when writing his earlier songs mostly about cars, he did not have a driving license, nor did he work in a factory. The fact that he could take himself lightly and sing about that shaped his story.


Springsteen also reminds people that the love of a good woman will take you places and gives the example of when a few years back, he was depressed and could not get out of bed.

He says it was so bad he did not want to do anything due to the anxiety, but his wife got him out of it. Another lesson he wants everyone to learn is to cherish their friends.


He says that once you've reached a certain age, you start to lose your friends slowly. He revealed that he remembers those he's lost fondly. He reminisced about Clarence Clemons, with whom he shares a story bigger than any of his songs.

Springsteen also emphasizes the need to work harder than everyone else to achieve your life goals. He says he's always worked harder than the competition. He says that success is an act of will.


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