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Daily Joke: Professor Fails to Answer a Student's Question and Gives Him an A

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jul 01, 2021
10:30 A.M.
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A student who had failed a professor's course decided to up his score by asking the professor a question on the premise of upgrading his score if he failed to answer.


A professor at the University of Sydney was giving a lecture on the course "Logic and Legality" to his first-year students. However, one of his students was not happy when he received his results and was shocked to see that he failed the course.

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The young man began to ponder on what to do, and after sitting in class for almost an hour, he raised his hand to ask a question.

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In front of the entire class, he asked the professor if he truly understood the course or anything about the course at all. Shocked at the audacity, the professor replied in the affirmative, saying he understood the course and everything that came with it.

He added that he could not have been a professor if he did not know that much about the course. After the professor responded, the student said he had a question. However, he stated a condition along with the question.

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He said if the professor got the answer correctly, he [the student] was going to accept his results as they were, but if the professor failed, his score had to be upgraded to an A.

Fearing nothing, the professor confidently agreed that he could answer any question the student asked him. He knew there was nothing to fear. The student proceeded to ask:

"What is legal but not logical, logical but not legal, and neither logical nor legal?"


The professor thought hard and long about the answer, but he could not come up with anything that remotely made sense. Finally, accepting defeat, he changed the student's score to an A.

Curious about the answer, the professor called the best student in the class to answer the question and he gave quite an interesting answer.


The young star got up and said he did not see how difficult it was for him to answer such a question as it was glaring. Prodding him, the professor said he should explain further. The best student then said:

"You are a 63-year-old man, married to a beautiful young 24-year-old woman, which is legal, but not logical. Your wife has a 19-year-old lover, which is logical, but not legal. And the fact that you have given your wife's lover an 'A', although he should have failed, is neither legal nor logical."

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