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Daily Joke: Man Checks to See If an Elephant Had Forgotten His Good Deed

Laura Beatham
Jul 04, 2021
08:30 P.M.
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Today's jokes are straight out of Africa, including a man who hoped an elephant remembered his good deed and a couple of wild safaris!



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One day, a man, Rajesh, went on a safari during his vacation to Africa. During one of the walking tours, he noticed an elephant had a huge thorn in its foot. Feeling bad for the huge animal, he decided to help.

He slowly moved closer to the animal, so as not to spook it. He continued to creep closer to the elephant until finally, he was close enough to remove the huge thorn. Upon removing the thorn, the elephant released a big sigh of relief.

An elephant in a dark jungle. | Photo: Pixabay/Sasin Tipchai


However, before the elephant left, it looked at Rajesh and patted him on the head with its large trunk to say thank you. Rajesh was moved by the moment and wondered if the elephant would remember his good deed.

Fast forward 10 years later, and Rajesh was protesting the use of animals at a circus in India. During the protest, he saw a huge elephant. The two made eye contact, and the elephant looked at him as if it recognized him.


Rajesh moved closer to the elephant. They shared a touching moment as they locked eyes and connected. Rajesh said, "It is you, the elephant I helped all those years ago, and now you are here. I must help you."

The elephant looked fondly at Rajesh. Its trunk began to move closer to him. It patted Rajesh on the head, and then... grabbed his arm, pulled him to the cage, and stomped on him to death. It turns out it was a different elephant.



A young couple went on a safari to Africa, but they were accompanied by the wife's mother. The first day of the trip was uneventful as they did not see many animals.

On the second day, the couple and the wife's mother were separated from the larger safari group and found themselves in a remote part of the jungle. Suddenly, a huge lion jumped out from the undergrowth and started furiously growling at the man's mother-in-law.

His wife screamed, "Honey, do something quick!" The man laughed and said, "Not likely, the lion got himself into this mess. He will have to get himself out of it. "



A group of tourists was on a safari in a deep and remote part of Africa. On the first night, the group heard consistent but distant drumming that throbbed until dawn. The tourists were concerned, but the guide reassured them, "The drumming is a good thing, but if it stops, then it is bad."


The drumming continued for several days, and the tourists got used to it. Many started enjoying the monotonous beat. However, one evening it suddenly stopped. The tourists started looking at the guide for answers. Many started panicking. The guide said, "When the drum stops, it is very bad."

A worried tourist responded, "Why? What happens now?" The guide then said, "When the drumming stops, the bass solo starts."


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