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Daily Joke: A Lion Woke up Feeling Boisterous and Mean

Laura Beatham
Jun 12, 2021
03:30 P.M.
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One day a lion woke up feeling boisterous and mean, so he set out to pester all of the other animals in the jungle.


One day a lion woke up feeling vain, boisterous, and mean. However, he also felt strong and handsome because his mane looked thick and fluffy, and he believed he was the fittest in the jungle.

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He set out to prove his beliefs and started with a troop of monkeys. He walked up to the monkeys who were enjoying a breakfast of ripe bananas and said, "Who is the mightiest of the jungle?"

A large White African lion perched on a rock. | Photo: Shutterstock


The monkeys scattered as they were frightened of the big cat. As they climbed through the trees, they all screamed, "You, Mr. Lion, are the mightiest of the jungle!"

Happy with the monkeys' response, the lion went to find more jungle residents to ask. He found an old ox who was trying to graze on a small patch of grass. The lion said to the ox, "You there, who is the mightiest of the jungle?"


The ox got a huge fright, as he had not heard the lion approach. He stammered on his words but managed to say, "Oh great lion, you, of course, are the mightiest animal in the jungle."

Satisfied with the ox's answer, the lion carried on with his mission. He looked noticeably more proud of himself if that was possible. He then found a herd of elephants.


He walked up to the biggest and tallest elephant of the herd and asked him, "Hey elephant, who is the mightiest animal in the jungle?" The elephant did not reply. Instead, he scooped up the lion with his great big tusks.

The elephant slammed the lion against a tree several times, leaving the lion feeling like he had been run over by a safari tour bus. It moaned out in pain.


But the elephant was not finished yet. He stomped on the lion until he was as flat as a pancake then he peeled the lion off of the floor and hung him against a tree. Finally, the elephant started walking away.

However, as the lion grunted in pain, he lifted his head slightly and called after the elephant, "Just because you did not know the answer does not mean you have to be so upset about it."

Sourced from buzz jokes.