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Daily Joke: Rich Man Searches for a Worthy Husband for His Daughter

Daniella Segell
Jul 05, 2021
03:30 P.M.
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The rich and famous of the world always have an image to uphold, and it is important for them that their family looks good at all times. That is why marrying the right person when you come from an affluent family is so important, as is evident in this joke.


Politicians tend to be some of the most influential people globally and spend their time looking good for the public eye to stay relevant and liked by the people they are trying to impress.

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For this reason, a rich politician, who had everything but a suitable husband for his daughter, went on the hunt for a man his daughter could marry who would not only look good to the public but who would be good to his daughter too.

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To do this, he made sure he had every suitable young man in the area at his mansion to conduct a test and choose a worthy husband for his daughter. He would choose from 100 young men.

At the mansion, he had an Olympic-sized swimming pool filled with moccasins (an incredibly dangerous snake). He made all of the young men line up on one side of the pool while he stood on the other side.

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He told the young men that they would need to swim across the length of the pool to reach him, after which they had three choices. They could choose his daughter's hand, take 100 million dollars, or own 100 acres of fine land.

All of the young men were hesitant and were talking amongst themselves about how dangerous the snakes were. The men understood that the reward was great, but they also understood how great the risk was.

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However, almost as soon as he had given the instruction, the rich politician heard a splash in the pool and saw one of the young men swimming toward him at a speed that could only be described as Olympic.

The rich politician was incredibly excited and waited anxiously until the young man reached the other side of the pool to help him out when he finally reached him. He helped the young man out of the pool with a beaming smile.

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The politician was impressed with the young man and asked him if he wanted 100 million dollars. The young man replied that he did not want one hundred million dollars. The rich politician was excited as he was now one step closer to finding his daughter a husband.

He then asked the young man if he would like to take the prize of 100 acres of fine land, and once again, the young man said no. The politician was now ecstatic as the only prize left was his daughter’s hand in marriage.

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The politician then asked the young man if he would like his daughter’s hand in marriage but was baffled when the young man once again said no. There were only three prizes, and the young man had said no to each.

“Well, what do you want then?” asked the politician. “I want to know who pushed me into the pool,” said the boy.