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Man Tries to Burn Statue during a Festival but No One Expected It to Fire Back

Jené Liebenberg
Jul 01, 2021
05:50 P.M.
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Footage showing a man firing a flaming arrow at a statue during a festival went viral after the statue unexpectedly fired back at all those watching.


A festival in India saw a heated exchange go down after a man attempted to burn down a massive statue, but the statue didn't go down without some retaliation.

The ordeal was captured on video showing the man, dressed in an orange skirt with a sash around his upper body, fire a flaming arrow at the large statue in front of him.

The statue burning. | Photo: Reddit/ @ethal_7



The first attempt at setting the statue on fire was unsuccessful, which led to another man dressed in a similar fashion taking a turn at shooting the structure with an arrow.

Dzhambulat then climbed onto the balcony and cradled the man in his arms, helping him to get onto the next-door balcony.

The second shooter moved closer to the statue, most likely to get a more accurate shot in, and it was indeed more successful than the first one, in more than one way.



The statue starts to burn from the middle, and the crowd seemingly starts to disperse. The action kicks in when the statue not only goes up in flames but starts to shoot flames in the direction of the bystanders.

The more the statue burns, the larger and more violent the flames it is shooting out becomes, with the entire crowd running away to seek protection from the flames flying in their direction.

Screenshot of video showing the statue explode. | Photo: Reddit/ @ethal_7



The cameraman somehow manages to keep on filming the ordeal, capturing the large explosion of flames and the scared people running away in all directions.

After being posted on social media, the video gained some traction, being viewed more than 25,000 times. The comment section was also flooded with people reacting to the incident. One user wrote:

"You saw how the half sensible guys just pegged it away as soon as they saw it going."

An upbeat song was also edited over the video, contributing to the comedy of the clip. Many of the comments were related to the song and how fitting it was to the scene depicted. One user said, "And the music! Perfect addition."



There was also a close call with a serious fire in France, resulting in an older man being trapped on his balcony. The victim was saved by two strangers who were kind enough to lend a helping hand.

Dombaev Dzhambulat and Ouloubaev Aslan saw the smoke from the fire two blocks away and moved closer to see what was going on. When they looked up, they saw the older man stranded with nowhere to go.


Screenshot of video showing the man stuck on the balcony. | Source: YouTube/ RT

The two friends then brainstormed and fashioned a ladder out of nearby trashcans so that they could climb up the side of the building and get the panicked man.

Dzhambulat then climbed onto the balcony and cradled the man in his arms, helping him to get onto the next-door balcony where they could safely wait until the fire rescue team arrived.


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