Source: youtube.com/ViralHog

Family Rush to Heron Hanging from a Tree before It Gets Too Late

Jené Liebenberg
Jul 02, 2021
05:39 A.M.
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While spending a relaxing day out on the water, a Brazilian family discovered a wild heron that was in dire circumstances and in need of some human intervention.


A Brazilian family of three had a sudden change in their plans while out on the Paranaíba River when they came across a wild heron trapped in a dangerous situation and in need of some help.

The family noticed that something was wrong from a distance because they could see the bird hanging by its beak from a tree branch, and upon closer inspection, they saw it was entangled in fishing wire.

The wild heron saved by the family | Source: YouTube/ViralHog



The family moved their boat to get a closer look and help the heron if possible. When they were within reaching distance, the bird used the boat's edge as a resting place, tired after hanging from its beak.

The three people took out their two dogs for a leisurely float in Monashka Bay in Kodiak.

After figuring out what was going on, the family realized that the heron was most likely fishing when it became caught in discarded fishing line and ended up stranded on the lone tree branch with no way out.



Although the heron initially didn't want anything to do with the three humans, the three of them persevered, and the footage shows that eventually, the heron gives in to allowing them to aid in removing the fishing wire wrapped around its beak.

They posted the video on social media, gaining traction for their kind act toward the bird that wouldn't have survived without them. They wrote on social media:

"Watching the animal trapped and tired of trying to survive, we stopped the boat and saved it.”

Screenshot of video showing rescue of heron. | Source: YouTube/ViralHog



They cut the wire loose from the branch so that the bird could freely stand on the boat without being connected to the tree before working on cutting the wire off from the heron's beak.

It took a few moments and some tools to get the bird free from the pesky fishing wire, and it is clear that without human intervention, the heron wouldn't have survived for much longer. Luckily, it ended well for the wild heron.



There was another rescue mission in Alaska when the US Coast Guard had to come to the aid of three people and two dogs who were swept out to sea while floating on a giant flamingo.

The authorities sent out an MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter to rescue the helpless people who were stranded on the large floating device without any escape insight.


The three people took out their two dogs for a leisurely float in Monashka Bay in Kodiak. What started out as a relaxing day on the water quickly escalated into a dangerous situation.

The weather changed quickly, which left the group at the mercy of the wind and the waves but lucky for them, the coastguard was alerted, and they were able to get them out of the sticky situation.