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3 Friends & 2 Dogs Rescued in Alaska after Being Swept Out to Sea on a Flamingo Raft during a Party

Lois Oladejo
Jun 10, 2021
06:20 P.M.
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The US Coast Guard recently pulled off a rescue mission as they saved three friends and their dogs from being swept away by strong waves on the Gulf of Alaska.


In Alaska, the US Coast Guard shared a Facebook post on their official page detailing the hoisted rescue their team conducted on the Alaskan gulf. The post read that an MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter helped three people and their dogs.

The post noted that the group was stranded on the rocks close to Kodiak. It relayed that the Alaska State Troopers and the #USCG worked with concerted efforts to save the day.

Coast guard searching in the sea | Photo: Pixabay


The informative post included that the helicopter hoist method was the most suitable way to bring the stranded group to safety. A body cam from one of the rescue team members showed how authorities carried out the task.

The helicopter hovered over the water just above where the citizens were stuck. Hollie Spence and her pals took some time out at the Monashka Bay in Kodiak Island to celebrate her 30th birthday.


However, what started off as a jolly moment spiraled into a near-death experience. Spence, her brother, and her roommate took their two dogs for a cruise through the bay as they got on bright pink flamingo floaters.

In an interview, Spence mentioned that there were strong waves. She noted that the day was, however, sunny and bright without indications that there would rain. The group enjoyed their little gathering on the flamingo until the climate changed.

More information on the three rescued people showed that they had oars and an air horn but did not have life jackets.


The winds became stronger, and before long, they were swept off the Kodiak area through the gulf of Alaska. Spence mentioned that her mind was in the worst place at that point as they couldn't think of a way to get out of the situation.

After a while of being tossed by the wind, the flamingo got stuck in a cluster of rocks with barnacles. However, the unexpected happened in a short time, as the US Coast Guard came around in a helicopter.


The Hamilton Police also had a flamingo emergency after receiving a distress call from Lake Ontario. The rescue team was able to get the family of three adults to safety.

Afterward, authorities warned against the use of recreational equipment and floaters on a larger terrain of water. More information on the three rescued people showed that they had oars and an air horn but did not have life jackets. They then decided to call 911.

Last year in June, the US Coast guard was on call and in action after a little girl on an inflatable Raft got swept off the beach at the Palo Seco plant in Puerto Rico.

The child, said to be between the ages of four and six, was called brave as she could stay on the plastic raft while she waited for the US Coast guard to arrive.