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Man Finds Kitten near Garage and Couldn't Find His Mother, So He Decides to Take Him In

Dayna Remus
Jul 02, 2021
02:20 P.M.
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When Joshua and Jose happened upon a stray kitten, they chose to welcome the ball of fluff into their little family and were determined to make him feel right at home.


A man and his partner came across a kitten near a garage and could not find the poor animal's mother. Taking a video of the process, they decided to rescue the baby cat.

Couple Joshua and Jose first presented the kitten with a bowl of water. They discovered that the baby cat couldn't see when he put his paw in the water bowl in order to discern its depth.

A photo of a kitten eating food next to another photo of a kitten playing with an individual's shoe. │ Source: Reddit.com/user/druule10


The two then put the kitten in the garage while they left the house to purchase cat food. The little one was ambivalent about eating it but eventually chose to give it a chance and thoroughly enjoyed it,

Before the kitten went to sleep, Joshua and Jose made sure to clean his eyes out in an attempt to help clear his eyesight. They went to the veterinarian the next day for professional direction concerning the baby's sight.


Upon being told that the kitten had an infection in its eyes, the two consulted with an ophthalmologist and applied the suggested treatments. The Reddit user who posted the video penned:

"We need more people like this."

The commenters joked around, expressing that strays usually end up costing a lot of money. One individual wrote that although they agree, rescuing a lost animal is worth all the costs involved.

A kitten sleeping in a pet enclosure. │Source: Reddit/u/druule10


Like this couple, a Japanese man also has a passion for rescuing stray cats but has taken it to another level, saving those abandoned following the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster. Reacting to this story on Reddit, one commentator expressed:

"Possibly the best human ever. Faith in humanity: still not restored. Faith in this guy: unbreakable."

Someone else remarked that reading this gave them hope, while another referred to the article as "beautiful." The Good Samaritan has been saving these domesticated animals for a decade.

An individual holding cat food out on their finger as a kitten sniffs it. │Source: Reddit/u/druule10


In a related story, firefighters saved three cats from a burning house. Originally, the rescuers were unaware of the pets and only found out afterward that they were inside.

They were found alive, but there were concerns about a possible lack of oxygen due to the smoke. Luckily, the firefighters provided them with oxygen, and they survived; all of them were reunited with their owners.

A kitten being pet while in a pet enclosure. │Source: Reddit/u/druule10


While some are saving cats, others are saving dogs. Four-month-old Bruce was diagnosed with a deadly disease called Parvo, treatment of which, unfortunately, standing at around $700, the owner couldn't afford.

Eight-year-old Bryson Kliemann from Virginia then sold his Pokémon cards to save his puppy and made $400. His mother, Kimberly Woodruff, whom he inspired, brought in over $1,900 from her GoFundMe page.


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