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Daily Joke: Woman Learns of Her Worrisome Future from a Fortune Teller

Daniella Segell
Jul 10, 2021
10:30 A.M.
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The world is becoming a much more open-minded and accepting place and because of that, practices that used to be taboo or even frowned upon are becoming much more commonplace. One of these is seeing a fortune teller as this woman experienced.


Getting told what’s going to happen in your future can be an intimidating thing and many people do not react well to being told anything negative about their future. For this reason, fortune tellers must tread lightly.

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This particular fortune teller found out that it’s probably best not to tell your clients bad news because you never know what cords you might strike in them and what you might find out about your client.

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A woman decided that it was finally time for her to see a fortune teller for the first time. She arrived at the tent and anxiously entered the candlelit tent where the fortune teller was sitting in front of a crystal ball.

The fortune-teller invited the woman to sit down and then hovered her hand around her crystal ball and began to read the woman’s future. Suddenly, she screamed, her face fell, and she began to feel awkward in the woman’s presence.

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She had found something in the woman’s future that was disturbing and shocking and didn’t know if she should say anything. However, the woman noticed the look on the fortune teller’s face and asked what was wrong.

The fortune teller said that she didn’t know how to tell the woman what she had to tell her, so she would be blunt. “Your husband is going to be violently murdered. It will be gruesome and you should prepare yourself to become a widow,”

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The woman was shocked and silent for a while before she asked the fortune teller, “Will I be acquitted?”

A woman walked into a pharmacy one day looking for a particular medication that the pharmacist was quite reluctant to give to her, and for good reason.

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The woman asked the pharmacist if she could possibly buy some cyanide. The pharmacist told the woman that it was quite a serious medication to be requesting and asked to know what she planned to do with it.

The woman told the pharmacist that she planned to use the cyanide to kill her husband because he had been cheating on her. The pharmacist was shocked and told the woman that she could not buy cyanide under any circumstances.

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The woman then brought out a photo of her husband and the pharmacist’s wife in bed together. The pharmacist was shocked and then said “Well, this is very different. You see, I didn’t know your husband had a prescription.”


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