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Daily Joke: Wife Persuades Her Husband to Go to the Circus

Laura Beatham
Jul 06, 2021
10:30 P.M.
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Today's joke is about a woman who really wanted to go to the circus, but her husband was very busy with work. Finally, on the last performance, he agreed to go.


A husband and wife were sitting at the dinner table when the wife said, "Wow, honey, I saw the Ringling Brothers circus is in town this week. The poster said there would be dancing bears. I have always wanted to see a show like that.

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The husband sighed and said, "Maybe next year we can go. I am very busy at work this week. My boss will be so angry if I do not complete my work deadline." The woman said that it was okay, they would go another time.

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The next night, before the husband could sit down, the wife excitedly said, "The neighbor went to the show last night and told me that the tightrope walkers did the Hokey Pokey right up on the wire. Can you imagine that?"

The husband responded apologetically, "Aw, I would love to take you to the show, but my boss will kill me if I hand in this project late." The woman said it was okay, and the conversation moved on to something else.


The following evening the wife gushed to her husband about how the paperboy told her he had seen 10 clowns pop out of a tiny car and then do the salsa. She said it was the funniest thing she had ever heard.

The man felt bad that he could not take his wife to the circus, but work was work, and he had to get this project finished before the week was finished. The next night, the wife was very down.


"Last night, my book club friends saw the elephant rider and the lion tamer dance the waltz under the moonlight while a monkey played the piano. Doesn't that sound terribly romantic?"

The woman continued, "It feels like we are the only people in town who have not seen the show. Is there any way you could get time off work so we could see a show? The last performance is tomorrow."


The husband thought about it for a moment. He decided that this might be the only opportunity they had to watch an amazing show like this and that maybe work could wait for a bit.

He called a friend to ask them to cover for him at work the next evening. The friend agreed, and the wife and husband went to bed excited about going to the circus performance the next day.

The following day, the boss noticed that the man was not at work as he asked his friend if he knew what was going on. The friend responded, "Oh, he can’t come in today due to four unseen circus dances."