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Hero Saves Camel and Her Calf by Getting Them off the Road

Dayna Remus
Jul 06, 2021
01:30 P.M.
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From deers to hedgehogs and even insects, the combination of animals and roads can cause havoc for both creatures and motorists alike. Luckily, when it comes to camels, no one has to worry.


A clip shared on Reddit showed two men riding in their car on what many in the comment section speculated to be the Arabian desert in Saudi Arabia. They came across a camel and her calf in the middle of the road.

They immediately stopped next to them, knowing that the animals could both be in danger of being hit by a vehicle. One of the men alighted from the car, determined to get them safely off the road.

A man getting out of a car and picking up a baby camel as its mother looks on. │Source: reddit.com/r/HumansBeingBros


Unexpectedly, the Good Samaritan then picked up the calf and began to run off the road. The baby camel squealed loudly and consistently as the mother ran after the man.

He sprinted back to the vehicle and pulled off what appeared to be a type of headcloth, swinging it around in delight. The man's companion, who sat in the vehicle while taking the video, could not stop laughing.


Many individuals in the comment section also found it hilarious. One of them explained that the way the man in the clip picked up the camel implied that he had experience with these animals, expressing:

"His technique is...perfect...which suggests that he does a lot of picking up and putting down baby camels."

They remarked that the individual's family might own a herd of these desert creatures. There's not a lot a little camel can do when picked up in such a particular manner, the commenter explained.

A man running with a baby camel in his arms as its mother runs after him. │Source: reddit.com/r/HumansBeingBros



In a related story, the United Kingdom (UK) ministers announced that hedgehog warning signs would be placed on roadsides. They declared the new initiative in 2019.

The new signs were to be implemented in high-risk accident-prone areas. It would not only include hedgehogs but other tiny animals.

These were the first new animal crossing signs in 25 years. Before then, it included deer, sheep, horses, cows, and some smaller creatures such as wildfowl and migratory toads.


One reason for this animal crossing project was to halt the reduction of the hedgehog population. At the time, it was recorded that the number of these tiny creatures in the countryside had halved since 2000.

Another factor was the number of accidents it was causing. The then-latest Department for Transport figures stipulated that four people had died and just over 600 injured in 2017 due to animals on roadways.



While hedgehogs are causing accidents in the United Kingdom, cicadas create similar issues in the United States. This year, a car driver in Ohio crashed into a utility pole due to this insect's interference.

The accident happened when one of these creatures hit the motorist in the face. Luckily, they did not suffer from any severe injuries following the incident.