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Daily Joke: One Bar Thought Its Bartender Was the Strongest Man Around

Afouda Bamidele
Jul 08, 2021
08:30 P.M.
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Today's #jokeoftheday is about a bar that had a physically strong bartender. The people in the bar were so confident in the strength of the bartender that they placed a bet on him.


Having reliable employees can sure boost an employer's trust because of the assurance of the job getting done and carried out well. However, the question remains, are employees one hundred percent reliable?

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A local bar had a bartender who was considered to be physically powerful. People believed he was the strongest man around and this confidence caused them to place a bet of $1000 on him.

The task at hand involved the bartender squeezing a lemon's juice into a glass until all the juice ran out. Then he would challenge anyone to squeeze more juice out of it. Anyone who could squeeze another drop of juice from the wrinkled fruit wins the bet.

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Many customers tried all they could to win, but none could get one more drop of juice out of the lemon. People who believed they were strong, weight lifters, and many others tried, and still, they had no winner.


One day, a slim little man in a polyester suit and dark shades walked into the bar. He told the bartender in a screeching voice that he would like to try the challenge.


Hearing this, the barkeep and other customers burst out in laughter. Nevertheless, the bartender handed the little man the squeezed lemon. The bar suddenly went silent as the man squeezed the already wrinkled fruit and six drops of juice fell into a glass.

Upon witnessing the feat, the surprised barkeep handed the man the $1000 and asked how he did it. He inquired if the little man was a weight lifter or a lumberjack or something similar. In response, the winner told him, "I work for the IRS."



A young man walked into a bar and ordered a drink. When he was done, he demanded another one and yet another. He ordered glass after glass.

The barkeep became concerned and asked the customer if he was alright. Confiding in the barkeep, the man said he got into a fight with his wife, and she promised not to talk to him for one month.

Trying to reduce the tension in the air, the bartender told the customer that it may be a good thing, and the man replied, "Yeah, but today is the last day."