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Salon Customer Could Not Sit Still, Hairdresser Teaches Her How To

Rodolfo Vieira
Jul 07, 2021
01:00 P.M.
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Every job has its ups and downs, and some are more stressful than others, but having to deal with customers is, more often than not, one of the hardest parts of a day's work.


In a viral video shared on Reddit, a hairdresser was having a very rough time getting his client to sit still while he tried to wash her hair.

It is unclear where the footage is from, but what is clear is how increasingly frustrated the hairdresser gets every time the client lifts her head from the sink.

The frustrated hairdresser dealing with the obnoxious client at the salon | Photo: Reddit.com/MousseSuspicious930



In the clip, the client seems to be playing with her phone while talking to her friend sitting right beside her, who is not having her hair worked on by anyone.

At one point, after gently placing the client's head back on the sink to be washed, the hairdresser is seen putting his hands on his hips before asking her to stay still as the woman apologizes.


This process repeats itself a few more times, and the woman acknowledges that what she is doing is wrong by constantly saying sorry but does it again and again anyway.

Finally, the hairdresser's patience runs out, and he just sprays the woman in the face as her friend gets up from the chair. One of the other customers is seen looking quite surprised at the hairdresser.

One of the customers at the salon looking at the hairdresser right after he sprayed water on the obnoxious client's face | Photo: Reddit.com/MousseSuspicious930


Several people commented on the video, some of them being hairdressers themselves, and related to the frustration felt by the man in the video. One user even argued that she was wasting the man's time:

"She's wasting the salon worker's time. Time is money. Frankly, the salon worker probably should have just left her there with soap in her hair and moved on to the next customer."



But this is just one example out of dozens of awkward and annoying situations that hairdressers all around the world have to deal with on a daily basis.

From people asking them for a certain hair color by bringing a black and white photo with them to obnoxious clients talking loudly on the phone about having a yeast infection, they have seen it all.



David Kodat, one of the biggest names in France when it comes to hairstyling, has experienced his fair share of obstacles, but he recently made the news for his charity work.

Kodat used his Tik Tok account to share a homeless man's impressive transformation. In the first seconds, we can see the man's long and messy grey hair and beard covering his face, but that soon changes.


As the camera pans down to the floor, we can see all the hair falling off as it is being cut, but when it goes back up again, the long hair is replaced by a short, neat, and modern hairstyle.

Not only that but the beard was cut and trimmed, giving the man, whose name isn't mentioned during the clip, a freshened-up look and renewed self-confidence.


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