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Leo Chiu
Jul 09, 2021
03:00 P.M.
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A rich woman tried to mock a poor woman in a hair salon and teach her a lesson due to her husband's financial situation, but as the events unfolded, she ended up learning a lesson herself.


“See you around, honey,” Lisa said to her husband as he dropped her off at the hair salon.

It’s been a while since Lisa has been to a salon—not since the wedding day, anyway. And that was exactly ten years ago. Ten years is a long time indeed, ten years filled with ups and downs.

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And what better way to commemorate their wedding anniversary than a nice dinner? That despite all the troubles in life, they are still together, lovingly. And for that very reason, Peter got Lisa a hair appointment in a well-established hair salon.

Both Lisa and her husband, Peter, came from a humble background. It wasn’t much, but they always had enough to get by. If it wasn’t for Peter’s special bonus at work this month, they would never have gotten this hair appointment.

Lisa was hesitant at first—after all, $800 is still a hefty sum, especially for a family who pays $900 for rent each month. But it’s their tenth year anniversary, as Peter said over and over again, and at last, Lisa gave in to Peter’s insistence.


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How lovely it is to be in a salon like this again, Lisa thought to herself. It reminded her of her big day … oh, it seemed like a lifetime ago. Now she began to understand why Peter insisted on this, and she’s deeply thankful for his gesture.


And what a lovely place it was. Fragrance hinged still in the air. A mix of flowers and high-end hair products. They even got Chopin’s Nocturne playing in the background as opposed to the pop hits she had grown accustomed to in her regular hair salon. It was like a dream, but the fragrance reminded her that it was not.

In the distance she could see a group of women in their 50s talking and laughing over trivial matters, gossiping, most likely.

“Welcome to Paradiso Pasadena, Mrs. Lowry. Please follow me,” the staff greeted Lisa and led her to a seat next to the group of ladies. “What style would you like to go for today?” the hairstylist asked.


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“To be honest, I am not entirely sure,” Lisa responded. “Something modest I guess. It’s my wedding anniversary. My husband and I are going out for dinner in a few hours.”


One of the women sitting next to her seemed to have taken notice of their interaction and chimed in. “Congratulations! Any idea which restaurant you’re going to?” she asked enthusiastically, but Lisa could sense the pompousness in her tone.

“Oh, probably a small French restaurant downtown somewhere. My husband is trying to keep it a secret,” Lisa responded.

“Oh, you have to try out République. Lovely food, I am telling you. And the chef … Jean-Marie I think? What a handsome fellow,” the woman said, letting out a soft snicker.

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“Calm down, Maude. Just because your husband went away on a business trip with his French secretary doesn’t mean you need to find a Frenchman for yourself,” another woman chimed in.

Lisa could feel the awkwardness in the air, but to her surprise, Maude simply shrugged it off. “That sore bastard … I hope he stays away forever. Guess what? On my birthday he brought me to Chikyuu for dinner. Can you believe that?”

“It is a nice restaurant though …” another woman chimed in. But before she could finish, Maude interrupted.

“Karen, you know how much I hate Japanese food. 30 years of marriage, 30 years and he still cannot get that right. To be honest, sometimes I wonder when he's gonna have a heart attack so I can just take the money and move to Paris or something,” Maude finished scornfully.


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She turned towards Lisa who was dumbfounded by the whole interaction. “What about your husband? What does he do?” Maude inquired.


Lisa avoided eye contact in the hopes of avoiding the conversation altogether. But she could sense that Maude was still looking at her, and there was no escape. “Oh … nothing special. Just a small trading company downtown.”

“Must be difficult handling a small company all by himself.”

“No, not like that. He’s just an accountant,” Lisa regretted her answer as soon as she finished the sentence. There was an awkward silence in the air, amplified by the sudden halt of the hairdresser.

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Maude finally responded after a few seconds. “Listen, kid. You’re young, you’re beautiful. You ought to find a man who can support you. That’s all we can do as a woman, kid. Let me tell you, we will get old, and you definitely will."

She paused for a while before adding, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you, kid. When you do get old, with a mortgage or whatever it is that you have to pay, you will come to regret it. Find someone else while you still can. Find someone who can actually take care of you.”

Maude turned back towards her companions. "Say, Karen, when are you going to Barcelona again? Oh, darling, you have to check out this club there …”


Lisa sat there in silence for quite some time as the hairdresser worked on her hair. Meanwhile, she looked into the mirror as Maude’s words lingered on. “We will get old … You will come to regret it …”

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She took a look at her own wedding ring, a golden ring with the quote Amor Vincit Omnia engraved on it. She thought about her wedding day.

“… for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish …” those words came back to her as she began fondling her ring.

She thought about their honeymoon trip to Hawaii, the crimson sun slowly sinking down beneath the horizon, the waves forming and dissipating along the Pacific coast, the birds flying high above.

She thought about the first time she met Peter in a cafe, how he came up to her with that shy smile. She thought about the time when they tried to make a roast turkey for the first time, and how they nearly burned down the kitchen … A smile rose on her face.


“… for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer …“

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“That’s it. How do you like it?” The hairdresser interrupted her thoughts.


“It’s lovely! Thank you so much …” At that moment, the door to the salon opened and she noticed a familiar face by the door frame.

Peter walked slowly towards Lisa and gave her a kiss on her forehead. “You look wonderful, honey. Absolutely stunning.”

Lisa could see the smile on his face—of patience, of kindness, and of trust. She thought about the day when they got married, and she wondered how despite all the changes, the good things still remained, and how his eyes are still as blue after all these years.

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“A handsome fellow isn’t he?” Karen made a remark, signaling Maude to look at the young couple.

But Maude was quiet. She gave out a slight smile followed by a soft sigh as the young couple stepped outside the salon, hand in hand, into the warm summer night outside.

She thought about the boy she knew in school. She thought about the park they once walked in, hand in hand.

She wondered how he was doing.

What can we learn from this story?

Money can't buy love, nor happiness for that matter. The joy of life lies within one's ability to appreciate what one has. Appreciate the little things, and be thankful for what we have. Only then will we realize what truly matters. And remember, love cannot be measured by material wealth.


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