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This Cat Had Some Fun with the Neighbors — He Stole a Slipper from Their Doorstep 4 Times

Dayna Remus
Jul 08, 2021
12:30 A.M.
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From a random person on the street to neighbors to even mothers in some cases, it's always an unwelcome surprise when someone decides to steal your belongings, except, of course, if it's an adorable cat.


A family residing in a flat located in Singapore in the town of Sengkang was dumbfounded when one slipper kept disappearing from their doorstep. They eventually found out that the culprit was a cat.

When the thief first stole a single sandal from a pair, they were confused about why this mystery individual had only taken one. They thought little of it until it happened three more times.

A cat stealing a slipper while walking through a corridor. │Source: twitter.com/amyramrn


The family eventually theorized that someone was most likely playing a prank on them. Finally, their CCTV footage captured the feline, engaging in its unlawful antics.

They all thought this was hilarious, immediately roaring with laughter as they witnessed the furry burglar in action. The clip shows the ginger-and-white cat casually picking up a slipper as it walked past their residence.


One of the family members, Amirah, took to Twitter to share the cute yet sneaky cat burglar video with her followers. She humorously penned:

"Guess what? We finally caught the thief. 🤣"

The comment section was in stitches. Many of them sent through laughing emojis, with one individual humorously admitting that her dog does the same.

A cat walking through a corridor with a slipper in its mouth. │Source: twitter.com/amyramrn


This funny video was also shared on YouTube. Some commented on how hilarious it was, with one joking that the cat would send them a ransom note, demanding tuna.

A woman allegedly tried to steal two scooters for her children.

Another person expressed that the incident was "cool." The description revealed that neighbors occupying the floor above the Sengkang family own the cat.

A cat walking through a corridor with a slipper in its mouth. │Source: twitter.com/amyramrn



While the Sengkang family's neighbors are innocent regarding their cute cat's illegal escapades, some are simply thieves of their own accord. Sharing a post on Reddit, a user wrote:

"DPD and Hermes quite often don't bother to enter and just leave a note through the fence and leave the parcel with our next-door neighbor."

They alleged that this neighbor keeps the parcels for themselves while claiming that they did not receive anything. Now, the user purported they are unresponsive when they go to their door.

Woman pulling a scooter away from another individual. │Source: reddit.com/u/Dolysani



In a related story, a woman allegedly tried to steal two scooters for her children, but bystanders reacted immediately. The parent butted heads with store owners after she purportedly attempted to swipe these products.

The altercation was caught on camera showing her little son watching his mother yanking the scooter. It is unclear what happened to the lady afterward, but one of the men involved stated that he would be contacting law enforcement.


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