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Woman Tries to Hide Chainsaw in Her Clothes at a Store in Apparent Shoplifting Attempt

Jené Liebenberg
Jul 09, 2021
03:40 A.M.
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CCTV footage captured a woman trying her best to sneak a chainsaw out of a store, but unfortunately, she chose the incorrect outfit to pull the theft off without being noticed.


A store's CCTV footage caught a woman trying her very best to conceal a chainsaw she was trying to steal by hiding it in her clothes. Despite her best efforts, the chainsaw was still clearly visible.

Screenshot of woman stealing chainsaw. | Source: reddit.com/user/cybosapien


The video, which was posted to Reddit, shows the lady trying to stuff the tool down the front of her skinny jeans and cover the rest with her cardigan before realizing that it wasn't her best option.


Her first unsuccessful attempt did not hinder her from trying again. The woman put down the two bags she was carrying so that she could properly conceal the chainsaw with her clothes.

A chainsaw | Source: Pixabay


Unlucky for him, the store owner placed a safety lock on the door which hindered thieves like him from simply walking out.

The second time, she decided to go with the back of her outfit and proceeded to push the chainsaw down the back of her jeans and pulled her shirt over to make it less obvious that she was trying to walk out with a large tool without paying.



More than forty people have left comments on the Reddit post, most of them questioning the woman's logic in the matter because her attempt at theft was so clear. One user wrote:

"At that point, just hold it the normal way and casually walk out the front door. A lot of places these days aren't even supposed to stop shoplifters anyway."

Others commented on her bravery to put such a powerful machine down her pants and the risk she runs of injury should it accidentally go on while stuck in her clothes.



This lady is not the only thief that is making no effort at hiding her stealing. A man in Thailand also tried to pull off an obvious act of theft but was caught red-handed.

In Chonburi, Thailand, a man walked into a jewelry shop and asked to try on a very expensive gold chain. After placing it around his neck, he paced the store a few times before trying to make a run for it out the door.

Screenshot of man trying to escape with gold chain. | Source: YouTube/ Daily Mail


Unluckily for him, the store owner placed a safety lock on the door, which hindered thieves like him from simply walking out the front door with the pricey goods.

Not only was this thief captured on the store's CCTV footage, but because he was trapped inside the store with proof of his mischievous acts, he ended up in handcuffs at the police station and was facing charges of theft.


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