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Daily Joke: Man Watches Moose Dancing On the Ice

Afouda Bamidele
Jul 12, 2021
08:45 A.M.
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Today's #jokeoftheday is about a man who was going insane with boredom. He decided to find other ways to entertain himself and went on vacation. However, while away he witnessed something unusual.


A man who went seeking other means to entertain himself found himself in the four walls of a warm cabin located in the outskirts of a remote Alaskan town. He made the trip because he was stressed and tired of his busy city life.

He was bored of all the city's hustle and bustle, so he decided to take a vacation. When he got to the small, remote Alaskan town, he felt alive once again and engaged in different exciting activities.

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He went hiking, fishing, took peaceful naps while listening to the trees sway. He was astonished by the serenity of the forest, but after a few days, he was tired of the routine. He got bored again.

Looking for a new dose of excitement, he went to town to explore a general store. He walked up to the cashier and asked how he could find fun and refreshment in the dull town. The cashier mentioned a few places that weren't quite pleasing.


The cashier explained that there was a restaurant but they only served cold eggs and burnt toast. Also, the only club in town was in a man's garage where people regularly hung out.

The man was confused. He asked how the people of the town lived without going crazy from all the dullness. As his conversation with the cashier went on, a customer interfered, asking if he had ever gone to a place called "the frozen lake."


The frozen lake was located south of the town and people went there to watch the moose dance. The interferer noted that it was a beautiful place. However, the man was not interested so he just went back to his original routine.

He did his regular activities for another two days but got bored again. One day, while fishing, he decided to check out the frozen lake. At the lake, he stood listening for any movement when he heard rustling in the bushes.


He looked up and saw a giant moose step onto the ice. He also saw another two waiting at the edge of the lake. Suddenly, the moose on the ice began to move. He thought to himself:

"Wow! The townsfolk aren't crazy after all."

However, as the moose glided forward, it fell flat on its belly and its hooves split in four opposite directions. It stood up but imminently fell again.


After several attempts to stand, it finally made it out of the ice into the forest. Meanwhile, the other two moved to the center of the ice but awkwardly ran into each other and tangled their horns together.

The next day, the man went back to the store and complained to the cashier. He stated that he went to the frozen lake, and all he saw was a bunch of clumsy animals.

Hearing this, the cashier and other shoppers burst out in laughter. The cashier said, "You went last night? Of course, it was bad. Thursday is amateur night."