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Daily Joke: How a 'True Guy' Should Behave

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jul 17, 2021
08:45 A.M.
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A man is saddled with a lot of responsibilities. The world expects him to be the stronger gender, owing to his physique and mental state. Here is an update of what to expect from a "True Guy."


Over the years, there have been debates on what a man should do and should not do. Some people believe that each gender has its specific roles, while others think that these roles are fluid whether it applies to a male or female.

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This article points out the hilarious rules and roles defining a man, not just any man, but one worthy of the title. So it does not matter the physical appearance or composition; once you can handle the heat of being a "true guy," then you are indeed a man.

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A man must never cry except: When he sees Angeline Jolie unbuttoning her top, when a heroic dog gives its life in place of its master's, after damaging his boss' automobile, or after playing "The Crying Game" for 1 hour, 12 minutes, 37 seconds.

A real man must understand that it is optional to remember another man's birthday or birthday present. Also, no man packs a camera to a bachelor's party or getaway, as he may be lawfully killed or eaten by his pals.


If you engage in gossip about your friend with your wife or girlfriend, it is a sin, except if she is withholding sex and awaiting your response.

Alcohol consumption gets you the award of the year! Remember to drink fruity alcohol only when it is delivered for free by a topless supermodel while you are relaxing on a tropical beach.


When it is raining or the sky chooses to release a scorching sun, and you are outdoors with a friend holding one umbrella, now listen, Mr. "True Guy," never ever share it! No man must be under one umbrella with another!

During a phone conversation with a woman of interest, never let the minutes be more than the minutes you can have sex with her! You can keep your emotions close but your stopwatch closer. End the conversation when due.


Ever thought of what would happen if these sets of "true guys" actually ruled the world? Well, here is a breakdown of it all.

If a man truly ran the world, Valentine's Day would be moved to the 29th of February, garbage would take itself out, the hilarious guy in the office would be the CEO, and there would be beer biceps instead of pot or beer bellies!

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