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Daily Joke: Husband and Wife Left Stunned after Their Baby Was Born

Ayesha Muhammad
Jul 14, 2021
11:30 P.M.
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Today's jokes are centered around a couple who were in the process of deciding names for their baby and a husband who ended up surprising his wife by making a comment she never saw coming.


Becoming parents is an exquisite joy that compares to nothing else. Many couples spend a great deal of time and energy planning things for their newborn baby. Expecting parents are often concerned with the nitty-gritty details concerning their newborn, including the baby's wardrobe, name, and other essential things.

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The same happened with a husband and wife who were thoroughly delighted to welcome their newborn child. The couple made a mutual decision to keep the sex of their baby a secret, and so they never inquired about it until the day of the delivery came.

The husband and wife were positive that they would have a baby girl, so they sat down to decide her name one day. After spending some time weighing different options, they concluded that their baby girl would have four names, and they chose "Alyssa Cassidy Shea Smith" as the final name.

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Despite choosing the name, the couple still doubted if the baby would turn out to be a boy. Finally, the day of the delivery arrived, and the wife had to go into labor. Before leaving for the labor room, she called out to her husband one last time:


"Don't forget, her name is Alyssa Cassidy Shea Smith!"

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"I know, honey! Just be strong. You got this!" replied the husband, who was extremely worried for his wife and the baby. Just before the epidural was injected in her, the wife beckoned to her husband once again.


"Oh! I almost forgot. We need a boy's name, just in case he's a boy."

The wife then went into labor, and after 18 hours, she gave birth to a baby boy. The husband was relieved to see that his wife and baby were in healthy condition, and he was also proud of his excellent listening skills.


The baby boy weighed 8 pounds and 6 oz and was named "Justin Casey Zaboi Smith." But when the wife found out about the name of her baby, she was mad at her husband.

The husband thought he had named their baby as per his wife's wishes, so he could not understand why she reacted that way.

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A wife saw her husband standing near their baby's crib one night. She stood at a distance and silently observed her husband as he looked over their sleeping baby. His facial expressions were a mixture of different emotions, ranging from pure bliss and wonder to ecstasy, doubt, and excitement.

She was confused for a moment and wanted to know why her husband was experiencing a whirlpool of emotions. So she carefully walked over to her husband, took him in her warm embrace, and said: "A penny for your thoughts."

The husband was startled at his wife's loving gesture and continued: "It's amazing!. I just can't see how anybody can make a crib like that for only $46.50."

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