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Woman Jumps off Nashville Bridge into River to Avoid Punishment for Stealing Delivery Truck

Brittany Chalmers
Jul 13, 2021
12:00 P.M.
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When a woman decided to steal a truck, it looked like she had committed the perfect crime ... that was until the police caught up and found her in a river!


The Nashville Police and Fire Departments started the month of July off with some unexpected water sports. After a woman tried to get away in a stolen delivery truck, things went awry.

In the chaos of the moment, she landed herself in the Cumberland River. After she ran into some trouble, the only escape route was via the Korean Veterans Memorial Bridge and into the Cumberland River ...

A woman jumped off a bridge into a river to avoid being caught by the cops | Photo: Youtube/WKRN News 2



When the Nashville Fire Department arrived at the bridge, they could see a woman in the water. She sat in between the rocks, and in the video, she appeared to be shouting at the people on the bridge.

Her escape plan failed dismally, and witnesses have now shared more details about her intended mission. She allegedly first tried to make an alternative plan to get away from the police.



However, she soon realized her only chance at escape was jumping from the truck into the river. One onlooker, Jay Jordaan, recalled how the woman tried to open multiple car doors on the road, possibly looking for another getaway vehicle.

Jordaan also detailed how the woman stole the truck and explained that it was a messy incident. She allegedly took a chance to nab the truck when its original driver was busy in the back.

Police presence alongside the bridge when a suspect allegedly jumped into the river | Photo: Youtube/WKRN News 2



Jordaan said: “Truck was just parked to the side, the back door was open, he was in the box in the back obviously offloading. Ran through all the red lights. Stuff just falling out of the truck. It was a mess.”

Consequently, the woman's attempt to steal the truck turned into mission impossible, and the river seemed like a last resort. First responders threw her a life vest and ensured that she received medical attention at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

A woman shouts after allegedly stealing a van and jumping into a river | Photo: Youtube/WKRN News 2



Metro Police alleged that charges against the woman were still pending. In April 2021, a burglar saw a similar fate to the woman in the river when he attempted to get away with an ambulance!

The suspect was in the process of receiving medical treatment after allegedly committing a crime. He used this opportunity to jump into the ambulance's front seat in hopes of driving away and evading the authorities. However, his plan fell short.

The back of an ambulance is open and ready for its next patient | Photo: Pexels/RODNAE Productions



Still in bandages, the alleged suspect, Vincent Fearon, did not make it far before one of the medical technicians switched off the van's ignition. The ambulance lulled forward in neutral for a while but eventually came to a standstill.

Fearon, who had allegedly been injured in the process of committing his crime, tried to use the medical vehicle as a getaway car. However, unfortunately for him, the police and emergency staff were too clever for his escape plan.