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Man Bumps Another Car and Tries to Escape, Regrets It Immediately – Story of the Day

Manuela Cardiga
Jun 10, 2021
01:00 A.M.
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A speeding man bumps into another car on the road, but instead of stopping to see if everything is alright, he drives off. Minutes later he is taught a painful lesson.


It all happened because Lawrence Sully had borrowed his mother's car without permission. He was 18, and he should have his own car, but his parents insisted he work and save up for it.

In the meantime, they expected him to take the bus! So on that Friday evening, Lawrence waited until his mother and father left, then snuck into his mother's room, got her car keys and headed for the garage. He'd have his fun, and they would never know...

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Lawrence was heading for his best friend's house to pick him up. Up ahead was a long line cars, slowed by a busy intersection. He decided he wasn't going to wait. There were no cars coming from the opposite direction and Lawrence had an idea.

He would drive on the wrong side of the road and overtake the line of cars ahead of him. Unfortunately for Lawrence, his lack of experience led him into trouble. Just as he was starting to overtake the first car, he miscalculated the distance and bumped into the vehicle.

Immediately the driver of the other car jumped out and walked towards Lawrence. It was some woman, his mother's age, and fat. Her hands were up in the air, and her face looked angry.


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Suddenly Lawrence realized he was in a great deal of trouble... He would have to give this woman his address, insurance policy number, everything -- which meant that his parents would find out about this...


As the women came closer, Lawrence took action. He floored the accelerator and swerved past the woman and her car. He was going to make it, he thought, no one would know!

But at that moment he found himself driving towards a car moving in the opposite direction. He hit the breaks and stopped and found himself nose to nose with the other vehicle.

In his attempt to avoid the consequences of his actions, Lawrence got himself into even bigger trouble.

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Lawrence moved into reverse and prepared to back out the a glimpse of the rearview mirror showed him that the woman he had bumped into has taken action. She had driven up behind him and stopped so close he had no way to escape.

He could see the woman talking on the phone, and then she was there, by his window, waving her hands angrily in the air as she shouted. Lawrence opened the window.

"You hit me and you ran? You're in big trouble! I've called the police."

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Then the man in the other car got out. "What did you think you were doing? You were lucky I stopped in time!"

Lawrence was overwhelmed. He'd jumped out of the frying pan into the fire. Things were about to get worse, a lot worse. The police arrived and asked Lawrence for his driver's license and the car's registration.

The officer looked up from the papers in his hand. "This car doesn't belong to you," he said.

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"No, Sir," Lawrence stammered, "It's my moms..."

"Young man you are in a whole lot of trouble. Not only did you cause an accident, but you also attempted to flee the scene and endangered others with your reckless driving."

Lawrence ended up phoning his parents from the police station and explaining the whole sorry business. "Please, mom," he begged, "Come get me! They say if you don't I'll spend the night in lock-up!"

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His mother's usually loving voice was cold. "Well Lawrence, I think that is exactly what is going to happen. We will pick you up in the morning. Maybe..."

Lawrence spent a horrid night in lock-up surrounded by some scary characters, and in the morning he was very grateful to see his parents. On Monday he faced a judge and admitted to his wrongdoing.

The judge stripped Lawrence of his driver's license and ordered him into community service. There would be no car for Lawrence for a long, long time...

What can we learn from this story?

1. Own up to your mistakes. In his attempt to avoid the consequences of his actions, Lawrence got himself into even bigger trouble.


2. Respect other people's property. Lawrence 'stole' his mother's car, even though she'd refused to lend it to him, and paid the price,

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