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Daily Joke: Man Left Border Patrol Officer Mad by Crossing the Border Every Day With a Big Grin

Ayesha Muhammad
Jul 15, 2021
12:30 A.M.
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Today's joke revolves around a smart man who knew his way around the border all too well and left the border patrol officer speechless and confused.


Believe it or not, sometimes even the most vigilant police officers find it next to impossible to catch the bad guys. While they may be too occupied with looking for more complex clues, they tend to overlook the simpler bits of evidence.

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A similar scenario took place with the officer in this joke. The officer patrolled the border between the United States of America and Canada and prevented any illegal activity or movement from happening.

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It so happened that he came across a young man one day who would go over the border between the U.S. and Canada while walking. This young fellow also had a wheelbarrow with him, which was filled with sand.

The young man crossed the border every day with his wheelbarrow full of sand and wearing a broad grin. The border patrol officer became suspicious of the man's activity and decided to search him one day.


So the patrol officer stopped the man and began searching him and his wheelbarrow. He was under the impression that the man might be smuggling something across the border and that he was hiding it in the sand.

However, after searching the young man and his wheelbarrow, the border patrol officer found nothing. So every day, the man went across the border with his wheelbarrow filled with sand and his giant grin and was searched by the officer.

A man with a wheelbarrow on the road. | Photo: Pexels/Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz


The border patrol officer searched everything, including the man's clothes and body cavities. He also inspected the wheelbarrow carefully and sometimes dismantled it completely to find something suspicious.

This continued for a long time, and the patrol officer eventually lost his mind trying to solve the puzzle. When the stress became too much to bear, the officer decided to leave his job.


A few weeks passed, and one day, he met the young man on the street. The officer could not contain his curiosity any longer, so he walked up to the man and said:

"Come on; I know you're smuggling. How are you doing it?"

"Oh, I smuggle wheelbarrows," replied the young fellow.

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