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Daily Joke: Police Turn to a Man Who Can Determine Whether a Suspect Is Guilty or Not

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jul 06, 2021
07:30 A.M.
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Police officers were having issues knowing if a suspect was innocent or guilty. When they heard of a man who could solve their problems, they decided to give him a try.


The police in a town had issues knowing whether or not a person is guilty of committing a crime for which they were arrested. Finally, they heard of a man who could determine if a person is guilty of an accusation, so they decided to consult the man.

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When they got to the man, they brought in their first suspect. On seeing the suspect, the man quickly said, "This person has committed murder. He murdered a pizza man delivering to his house."

A police squad car with its lights on in an urban area. | Photo: Pixabay


On hearing the man, the police officers felt they had found a genius who could help them solve all crime-related issues. Moreover, they thought he must have told the truth since they did not tell him anything about the case.

They brought in a second suspect, and immediately, the man said, "This man is innocent, and has committed no crimes. He was framed of burglary by his next-door neighbor, Bill Summers."


The police became dumbfounded and wondered how the man knew what he was saying since they did not tell him anything about the case. The policemen became a bit skeptical and decided to test the man.

They brought in a beautiful woman they knew did not commit a felony. But, the moment they got into the room, the man screamed, "This woman has committed theft."


The cop realized it was a lie and said to the man, "We knew it! We brought her in to truly test your abilities, and clearly you are a fraud!" then dismissed the woman.

The man looked at the cop and said, "I would catch up to her if I were you," and the policeman asked why. The man then said:

"Because she stole your wallet."


Another Joke: A detective went to a factory to investigate the death of its owner. The owner was a popular author who was sadly crushed to death in his factory. The detective walked to a factory worker for information. He asked the worker, "What was the product of this facility?"

The worker then said, "The owner loved words, and was obsessed with making large models of letters, sometimes up to 10ft high!" The detective then asked what caused the owner's death, and the worker replied:

"The Iron E."

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