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Daily Joke: A Boy at School Bullies Another Boy by Trashing His Glasses

Ayesha Muhammad
Jul 17, 2021
10:30 P.M.
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Today's jokes are about a boy whose glasses were often broken by his class fellow and another boy who surprised his teacher with his answer in a math test.


School is a fun learning place for nurturing the minds of young children. But no matter how hard teachers try, some children love causing mischief and troubling other kids at school.

The same happened with a boy who was often bullied by his classmate, Dwayne. Dwayne had developed a habit of breaking the boy's glasses every now and then. The poor boy had bad eyesight, and without his glasses, he was unable to see clearly.

A boy wearing glasses. | Photo: Pexels/Pixabay


Because of Dwayne's constant bullying, the boy hated him with all his heart. He was also struggling with bad grades in his studies because of his shattered glasses. The boy could vividly recall all the times Dwayne had smashed his glasses purposely.

Dwayne broke his first pair of glasses when they were lying on the desk. When the boy confronted him regarding his action, he merely responded that he had sat on them by mistake.


Dwayne broke his second pair of spectacles when he slapped the boy in the face. As usual, when the boy asked him why he had done so, he replied that he was trying to swat a fly.

The boy lost his third and fourth pair of glasses to Dwayne's bullying behavior as well. His third pair of glasses broke when Dwayne threw a ball at his face during the lunch break.


Finally, his fourth pair was smashed when Dwayne mercilessly snapped them into two and explained that he was testing them for durability. The boy became tired of Dwayne's brutal behavior and decided to file a complaint.

Eventually, Dwayne was transferred to another school, and since then, the boy has had no problems with his eyesight. He could finally see clearly now that Dwayne was gone.



A teacher decided to question a kid on percentages in a math class. She told the student to think carefully before answering and started with the first question, "If income tax is 20% and your dad earns $50,000, how much tax does he pay?"

The child thought for a moment and answered: "$100."

The teacher wanted to give him another chance and asked a different question this time. "Let's try again. If income tax is 30% and your dad earns $100,000, how much does he pay?"

The kid once again replied with "$100."


Because the teacher was feeling benevolent, she decided to give the kid one last chance and said, "Alright, last try. If income tax is 50% and your dad earns $1,000,000, how much does he pay?"


Just like the first two times, the kid answered, "$100."

The teacher was all out of chances and said, "You don't know your percentages."

Determined as ever and still standing his ground, the kid replied: "You don't know my dad."

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