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Diners Should Wait At Least 5 Minutes before Eating Restaurants' Free Bread: Woman Creates Controversial Twitter Poll

Jené Liebenberg
Jul 14, 2021
08:45 P.M.
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A Twitter user took to her page to pose a strange question concerning the etiquette surrounding the free bread diners receive at a restaurant and was met with confusion.


A woman named Reese made use of her Twitter page to gain the public's opinion about diners' etiquette at a restaurant, and an overwhelming amount of people who interacted with her post did not agree with her.

Reese asked if it was improper for diners to immediately indulge in the free bread that restaurants provide instead of waiting at least five minutes before digging in. More than 97% of the responses said no, there was no wait time necessary.

Picture of bread on a plate. | Source: pixabay.com/lukasz60



While most people are aware of the unspoken rules of dining in a restaurant, the general consensus is that Reese's suggestion about waiting before eating the free bread is not part of the accepted etiquette. The question she posed was:

“Isn’t it very tacky for someone to eat the free bread as soon as you get it?”

The question went viral on Twitter and racked up an overwhelming amount of responses. More than 368,000 users voted on the matter, with a staggering 97% saying that it wasn't necessary to wait before indulging in the bread.



The argument began after Reese went to dinner with a few of her friends at a local branch of The Cheesecake Factory. She shared that they dug in as soon as the bread hit the table, not even waiting for it to cool off.

Other baristas revealed that they have had to cater to customers who have wanted water with whipped cream on top.

She then took to a group chat with her friends to figure out if she was the only one who found their inability to wait a few moments strange. After she got some support there, she decided to take the question to a larger platform and posted it on Twitter.



Despite only 3% of the hundreds of thousands of people who voted agreeing with her, Reese is sticking to her guns on the issue concerning the restaurant bread.

Reese has defended her position on the matter and hasn't steered off course. She thanked the minority who voted in favor of a waiting period and shared the following:

“My stance remains the same. It is tacky but some people just can’t help it.”



While the controversy surrounding the free bread continues, another controversy has arisen after a Starbucks barista posted one of his customers' lengthy orders on Twitter.

The photo shared shows an order with more than twelve ingredients, but this post inspired other baristas to share the outrageous orders that they have dealt with, with one posting an order containing more than 30 ingredients.


Other baristas revealed that they have had to cater to customers who have wanted water with whipped cream on top or even just a mixture of syrups without any coffee involved.

Starbucks responded to the matter, saying that while some of their customers go a bit over the top, the majority of the orders are reasonable, and customizing coffee orders is what the company stands for.