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Daily Joke: Guy Has His First Date in New York with a Woman in the Park

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jul 16, 2021
08:45 A.M.
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A guy saw a woman walk past him in the park and felt they had a connection. So he walked closely with her until she noticed smething weird about his company.


A guy was walking on the road and saw a stunningly beautiful girl who walked past him in the park, and when she looked at him, he felt within him it was love at first sight.

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Although he is not a particularly handsome guy, he had been in a series of relationships well enough for him to know he had to make his move and have a go at the pretty lady standing close to him.

Both of them started walking down the street. After 30 minutes of looking around the local Manhattan neighborhood, the lady turned around and asked him how he found her and why he was still following her closely.

The man felt she thought he was walking too slow and decided to quicken his pace. The night ended with both of them having a fast-paced run afterward.


Monty's first name has five letters, and his second name also has five letters. All his life, he lived at 555 West 55th Street In New York City and worked his entire career at Saks 5th Avenue.


Monty met his wife in fifth grade, and they have 5 kids and own 5 cars. It is obvious he has a thing for the number 5. One day at the track, he was running in the 5th race, and in the fifth position was a horse called Numero Cinco

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Monty felt he had seen what he wanted and ran to the bank to put his entire savings on the horse, and shockingly, the horse came in fifth!


A guy went into a local bar in New York and asked the waiter for five shots of vodka. The bartender wondered if he was making the order for his friends but was shocked to see the guy down them in quick succession.

A man looking behind him in a bar. | Photo: Shutterstock


The bartender gave him a look of irritation and said, "Man, you should never drink that fast." Hearing him, the man said, "You'd drink that fast too if you had what I have." Surprised, the bartender asked him what he had, and the man said with a funny look:

"Eh, about a buck-fifty."

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