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Daily Joke: A Very Simple WI-FI Password

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jul 18, 2021
08:30 P.M.
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A young man who visited his distant relatives attempted to use their wifi. However, he struggled with entering the password right.


A young man had not been to the home of his distant relatives in a long time. After he decided to pay them a visit, he met his cousin, George. While he was at their home, the young man needed access to wifi.

He approached George and asked him what the password was, and George said, "Start with an uppercase S and type 123. After George left the house, the guy input S123 into his computer.

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However, this did not work. The guy tried the password more times, but it would not budge. He finally gave up and decided to wait for George.

When George arrived, he quickly went to him, complaining that the password was incorrect. George calmed him down and got on his computer and typed in the password. The wifi connected within a few seconds. Then George said to him:

"I find it hard to believe that you found it hard to type Start123."

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A man entered into a bar and walked up to the bartender. He beckoned him and asked for the bar's wifi password. The bartender answered:

"You need to buy a drink first.

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The customer agreed and ordered a bottle of coke. The barkeeper let him know that it cost three dollars, and the man agreed. After he was served, he asked again for the wifi password. The bartender said:

"'You need to buy a drink first,' no spaces, all lowercase."



A man died and went to hell. When he arrived, he met Satan, who welcomed him in and decided to tell him the wifi password. But before he could, the man interrupted as he was surprised.

Satan confirmed that hell indeed had a password. The man thought to himself for a few seconds and mentioned that hell was not that bad after all. He asked for the password and the devil replied:

"So, as I was saying, the wifi password is the number pi."



A man and his wife were involved in a fatal accident. As emergency workers took them to the hospital, both of them died one after the other. The husband died first.

He went on his way until he got to heaven's gate. He met St. Peter at the entrance and asked him how he could get into heaven. Peter shared that God loved everyone and wanted everyone to make it to heaven.


However, there was one test. The man needed to spell the word love. The man replied and spelled the word correctly. Peter congratulated him and opened the gates of heaven.

As the man walked in, Peter stopped him and asked him to stay by the gate for a while and keep watch while he attended to something important. A few moments later, the man's wife arrived and saw her husband was the one at the gate. So she asked him:

"George, why are you already on the other side, and how do I get into heaven.?"


The man told his wife the same information Peter gave him, telling her she needed to spell a word correctly. She asked him what the word was and he said: "isonicotinohydrazide."

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