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Daily Joke: Woman Tells Granddaughter She Is the Only Person Whose Birth Date She Remembers

Afouda Bamidele
Jul 06, 2021
05:00 P.M.
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Today's #Jokeoftheday is about a woman who told her granddaughter that her birthday was the only birthday she remembered. The granddaughter thought it was sweet until she heard the reason.


An aged woman and her granddaughter were hanging out and having small talks as they enjoyed each other's company. After a while, they wound up talking about birthdays.

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The woman looked at her granddaughter and explained that her birthday was the only one she remembered, adding that she never really got around remembering other people's birthdays.

A photo of a grandmother playing with her granddaughter | Photo: Shutterstock


The girl was pleasantly surprised by this and chimed to her grandmother that she felt it was sweet. The grandma replied, "Oh I'll never forget sweetheart. You were born the day after my mother-in-law passed away.


Here's a second joke about a guy who walked into a bar, beckoned to the bartender, and requested three bottles of beer. After the attendant presented the bottles, he watched the man go through a funny routine.


The man opened the three bottles, gulped down the first one, and said, "Happy Birthday." He gulped the contents of the second bottle and repeated the process.

The same routine was repeated the third time. After a while, he walked out of the bar. One year later, the man was back at the bar, and when he entered, the bartender immediately recognized him.


He walked to the counter and requested three bottles of beer like he did the previous year. The man gave him the order, and like before, he watched him down each of the bottles of beer all the time, saying, "Happy Birthday."

By now, the bartender was quite curious as he moved closer to where the man sat and asked him why he went through that routine every year. The man explained that he had two friends who lived in Ireland and Australia.


He relayed that their birthdays fell on the same day and because they lived far apart, each person went to a pub in his location and bought three beers to celebrate.

The following year, the man came around again, but this time, he ordered two bottles of beer. The bar attendant then asked him if one of his friends passed on. He replied, "Yeah, well, I've given up drinking."



A couple was at loggerheads for many years. One day the husband thought to himself that he would buy his wife a cemetery plot for her birthday. His wife's birthday came, and he purchased the cemetery plot.

The wife could not contain her anger and disappointment. The next year, her birthday came again, and she anticipated a better gift. However, her husband got her nothing.

She was highly displeased by this, and she went to her spouse and asked him why he did not get a gift. The man


, "You didn't use what I got you last year!"