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Daily Joke: Drunk Man Gets Deserved Punishment after Misbehaving in a Military Camp

Afouda Bamidele
Jul 18, 2021
11:30 P.M.
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Today's #jokeoftheday is about a drunk man who misbehaved in front of a military camp. The man got a suitable punishment for his display.


A drunk man was coming from a nightclub at dawn and as he strolled down, he walked into a military camp. When he got into the military yard, he pulled down his pants and started urinating on one of the camp's flowerbeds.

The drunk trespasser resumed his punishment | Photo: Shutterstock


Some officials noticed this, got him arrested, and decided to punish him for his bad attitude. They instructed him to move a pile of about

1000 bricks from an outbuilding

to a site where construction was being carried out in the camp.

The drunk trespasser resumed his punishment and started transferring the bricks. However, halfway into his punishment, the sun rose, and more soldiers began to fill the area as they resumed their respective duties.

As he continued his work, he looked up and saw a familiar face coming down from a military truck. He realized that it was his old neighbor so he called out to him. The soldier walked down and greeted him.


As they talked, the drunk man learned that his old neighbor was a commander in the camp and decided to report his situation to him. He explained to the man that he urinated on some flowers in the area, and some soldiers punished him.

He also pleaded, explaining that he was under the influence of alcohol. Hearing this and concerned, his old neighbor decided to get him out of the situation. He said to him:

"It's alright. Just return the bricks to where they were. There are people who will be moving them today."



Some men stopped an Uber driver and entered the vehicle. As they sat, the driver realized that they were drunk, so he decided to take advantage of their vulnerable state.

He started the engine of the Uber and stopped it after a short while. Smiling, he announced to the drunk men that they had gotten to their location. The first drunk man paid, thanked the driver, and got out of the car.


The second man was happy they got to their location fast and gave the driver extra cash. On the other hand, the third friend looked quite angry at the driver's attitude and suddenly landed a slap on his face.

The driver panicked, as he thought he had been discovered and might lose his job. As the third drunk man descended, he said, "Next time, don't drive so fast. You could have killed us."


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