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Daily Joke: Beautiful Poodle Stumped Three Dogs into Making a Clever Sentence

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jul 19, 2021
08:30 P.M.
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Three handsome male dogs decided to take a walk down the street on one fantastic summer evening. On their way, they spotted a beautiful poodle who stumped them into making a clever sentence to gain her attention.


The Poodle was a charming young female who caught the attention of the three friends and was aware of her spellbound looks. She turned to the other dogs and said that if any of them could make a clever or witty statement with the words "liver and cheese," they would be privileged to have a date with her.

A beautiful poodle staring into space | Photo: Shutterstock


The first dog to hurriedly speak was a muscular black Lab. He said: "I love liver and cheese." This did not sound right to the Poodle, who let out a sigh of disappointment and explained that it was a childish and uncreative statement.

The second dog, a shining Golden Retriever, cleared his throat and confidently blurted the words, "I hate liver and cheese." The Poodle did not waste time condemning the sentence. She confessed that it was as ridiculous as the first dog's.


Then she turned to the littlest of them all, a tiny Chihuahua, expecting him to say something. But, instead, the dog gave a cocky smile, looked at the Golden Retriever, and exclaimed the words:

"Liver alone, cheese mine!"

A man sitting down and cuddling his pet Chihuahua | Photo: Pixabay



This second joke has to do with a genius dog whose wits overwhelmed a butcher. The meat seller was getting ready to lock up before coming in contact with a dog with a $10 bill and a note hanging in his mouth.

The man allowed the dog in and read the note's instructions, "5 lamb chops please," before handing the items to the animal.


He decided to follow this seemingly clever dog who walked towards the road, paying attention to the traffic lights and the vehicles before crossing.

The creature headed to a bench at the bus stop and sat on it, waiting for a bus after checking the timetable; when the bus arrived, he glanced at the number to be sure before entering.

A photo of a dog sleeping on a couch | Photo: Shutterstock


The butcher found it shocking to believe, so he kept a trail on the animal. His customer displayed more human behaviors like enjoying the scenery outside the moving bus and later pressed the "stop" bell after reaching his destination.

He then ran to a house. On reaching the home, the dog moved around trying to gain entry via the window then opted for the door and started banging on it.

The house owner came out and began raining swear words on the dog; this angered the butcher who came out of hiding to address the fellow.


He condemned his language, adding that the dog was an extraordinary and clever animal. The house owner responded that he was not entirely impressed because the dog is forgetful. He added, "It's the second time this week he's forgotten his keys!"

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