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Daily Joke: Circus Juggler Showed a Policeman Some of His Tricks

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jul 19, 2021
05:00 P.M.
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A police officer pulled over a circus juggler. After finding some of his juggling equipment, she became suspicious and asked him to prove that he was not a dangerous person.


A police officer pulled over a juggler for speeding. While she was about to write him a ticket, she looked over into his vehicle and found several cutlasses lying around.

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The policewoman became suspicious and asked him why he had so many cutlasses. She also wanted to know what they were for. The circus performer shared that he juggles the cutlasses at the circus.

After the officer asked him to demonstrate it, he got out of his car, brought out all the cutlasses, and started showing off his skill. He juggled the first three then added another two.


The juggler soon started moving his hands in circles, juggling seven cutlasses. The officer stood beside him, watching him. Other drivers, too, noticed his activity. However, one man came forward and did a double-take.

He stopped his car with a screech as he could not believe his eyes. The man exclaimed in shock: "My God, I've got to give up drinking! Look at the test they are giving now."



A circus group was in town searching for applicants who could add more flair to the circus establishment. They conducted an audition and gathered all the people to show their talents.

After a long day, the audition supervisor was tired and frustrated that no one had the required talents. As she packed up to leave, Jack strolled and promised that he had an impressive talent.


The judge asked him what he did, and he made it known that it had to do with bird imitation. The supervisor was infuriated and chased Jack out of his office. As this happened, Jack turned and flew out of the window!


A man went to a circus with his two dogs in search of a job. The circus manager asked him what he could do, and he noted that his dogs were musicians.


The manager was curious and asked him to show him the dogs' skills. The man guided his dogs to the piano. One of them sat and started playing, and as if on cue, the other dog started singing.

The manager was impressed and could not believe his eyes. He asked the young man how he got his dogs to sing. The young man replied: "Well, actually, only the one playing the piano can sing; the other one just moves his mouth."

A big red-and-white circus tent pitched in an open area | Photo: Pixabay/Claudio Kirner

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